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(image cred: CNN Money) I understand why artists are redesigning our favorite female heroes. Animated female characters have a stereotypical body shape which usually includes anti-gravity boobs, organ straining waist lines, and dainty legs and arms. That’s certainly not the “norm”, ...

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(image cred: Nerd Stash) Cosplay is such a wonderful part of comic conventions. Everyone loves seeing all the elaborate and creative costumes, but for those wearing the costumes, just one person can ruin the entire experience. Although there is tons of ...

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  Over the years we have debated many things about gamers, their behaviors, and what the future may hold for this multi-billion dollar industry. The truth is, as “geek-culture” has become the new “pop-culture” being a gamer from any demographic doesn’t ...

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  This past weekend Chicago’s “Michigan Ave” became a makeshift Tokyo runway as the 5th Annual Harajuku Fashion Walk took place. With colorful layers and platform shoes, to your Gyaru school girl and Lolita maidens. Each individual person represented a ...

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