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3d Printing in the Fashion and Cosplay World

Wow, things are getting so high-tech nowadays. We are doing things that were once only imagined in Sci-Fi movies, fantasy books and comics. Growing up, I remember watching Star Trek (Classic and Next Generation) and looking in awe at the video communication screen on the tablets, the high power lasers and crafty gadgets they used. Now, a good chunk of the things we used to fantasize about a everyday part of our reality.

I mean, hello! The CGI in video games and movies are so ridiculously realistic. We can have video calls thanks to FaceTime and Skype, track our heart beat and sleep patterns with gadgets on our wrist, and not get lost regardless of where we are thanks to GPS (well…we still get lost sometimes, but not as bad). And now we can even print in 3D, (go ahead and Google it. It’s nuts! They have printed toys, sculptures, jewelry, guns, houses and even instruments. Cool, huh?!)

With all this, the thing that most intrigues me is the quick adaptation of technology in fashion. Clothing and cosplay alike. There seems to be no limit to the creativity and flexibility this industry has. Recently, I stumbled on Continuum, a clothing company that produces what they call “fashion for a digital age”. Lead by Designer and Technologist, Mary Huang, this New York based brand is pioneering the idea of software based fashion. Not only do they let customers design their own clothing to get printed, they have growing 3D printed product selection of bikinis, shoes and jewelry. Even Celebrities are getting in on the 3D fashion action. Last year, Dita Von Tease wore an amazing dress that was created by an architect and a fashion designer. The dress was made up of 2,500 intersecting joint pieces that were put together by hand.


As expected, the innovations are making their way into the cosplay arena too.  PC magazine recently wrote an article that gave advice on finding the right 3d printer to create prop pieces and costumes. There are even panels popping up that give tips on how to create a 3d graphic to get printed and what materials are the best to do the printing. One of them on the list was Geek Fab Lab, a small-scale workshop that does digital fabrications for cosplay. It helps that they cosplay too so they know a thing or two about the subculture.X2Ot2Y8_original_original (1)

In just a few short years, 3D printing houses have produced hundreds upon hundreds of stellar pieces, but the coolest by far has to be a 3d printed robotic spider dress. Yes, you read that correctly! Dutch artist Anouk Wipprecht created a dress that uses microcontrollers and motion sensors to move. Thisdress isn’t the first of her amazing creations. In prior seasons, she designed a dress that senses moods, another that is a wearable Faraday cage that allows the models to interact with the electricity of a tesla coil, and even one that emits smoke if someone gets too close. However, the Spider Dress 2.0 takes the cake! It not only does it look like it came out of your favorite cyberpunk anime, it literally has a life of its own. With its built in motion sensors, the dress can tell if someone comes up to the wearer aggressively and rear up in an attack position. Conversely, if someone comes up calmly the dress can tell and moves seductively trying to entice the person closer. *MIND BLOWN*


The best part………..we will get to see this beautiful creation up close and personal when we go to CES 2015 in Vegas!It definitely looks like a whole new world of fashion is opening up in this amazingly nerdy world of ours and it just keeps getting better. What would you print up to be a part of your wardrobe or cosplay arsenal???

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