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A Dreamy Melancholy Mystery: Supreme Blue Rose

“I remember all my past lives, I just don’t know who I am now.”

The ribbon of ambiguity and uncertain depth that is Supreme Blue Rose, unfolds itself in a way that sates a taste for dream-like plot lines and shrouds of mystery.


This pastel bath of a comic book arrives at a slow start that reels us in with bizarre, poetic verbiage and allusion to other-worldly dimensions. The appeal of a gentle female figure in obscure surroundings surfaces, the lucidity of the doll-faced blonde  providing an anchor of sorts to the world of constant flux around her.


The consciously unconscious protagonist Diana Dane’s sense of self is somewhat tangible, yet slipping. She awakens from the ethereally lucid state to the scattered, humble surroundings that are stereo-typically characteristic of an artist’s habitat.  Excess of disorder within the few panels that span Diana’s home space allude to  her recent unemployment the reader later finds, adding a good shove to the plot’s momentum.tumblr_n969p0McaR1qhaplxo1_500

Once Diana manages to salvage a few integral fragments of her dream that she shrugs off as a brush with insanity, without much explanation, she finds her way to an office where she meets a man that may just be the Supreme himself.  Spewing  unlikely concepts about who he is and the nature of existence, Darius Dax (the speculated supreme) extends quite the handsome monetary offer to Diane,  as an advanced reward for  the completion of a quest, with nothing but a name and her intuition to guide her.


Supreme Blue Rose reaches deep for that secret spot of nostalgia and unspoken dreams in all of us.  As the plot crescendos, only few select elements take shape, leaving the nature of Diane’s quest a cliff-hanging mystery of immeasurable possibility.

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