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The burner community is like nothing you’ve seen before, from its gifting economy to the general feel and presence of its participants. The foundations truly hold together the groundwork for the way the city and its dwellers operate. For an entire week people open their homes (camp site) to anyone passing by, creating a free and open society. Most would consider Burning Man a “lawless city” but in actuality thats not the case. Though written law and government isn’t entirely present there are still a basic set of guidlines that all participants are expected to follow. Outside of the “10 Principles” the community strongly believes in being an “ask first” society.. This lies out of respect for others and their privacy in an ever so open community, also showing that you’re being considerate (even if you feel you may not need to be) which in the end most will appreciate. Along with asking first, its important be be self-reliant. Burning Man believes strongly in being self-sufficent and that means taking accountablity for yourself as a participant. Little things like bringing your own cup, or making sure you have daily essentials for your journey from camp. Everything that you may think may not be a big deal, could in fact make a significant difference in your over all experience.


(The Man – Burning Man)

No matter where you are in life, there will always be an opportunity to seize and enjoy. Burning Man wants you to live in these moments, a huge part of the burn and its entierty is witnessing things you’d never see anywhere else.

Gifting is a huge base of the Burning Man economy to give without the expectation to receive, or exchange for things of equal or greater value is one of the “10 Principles”. Burning Mans community believes in the free values of human nature, the only thing that the Burning Man organization sells is coffee products and ice, giving all profits to local charities. This creates an open environment, making it a really unique and refreshing ideal society setting in my opinion. Not only do you learn more about others in the process, but it’s also a main part of what builds your experience at the burn.

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(The Man Burns)

The relationships you build at Burning Man are like nothing else, the synergy and unconditional love given to complete strangers truly opens your eyes to how people should treat each other. Most people you speak to about the “community feel” of Burning Man will tell you that its the way people should treat each other regardless. In the Burning Man community everyone is treated the same, the level of equality is unsurpassed. This way of life for some is a culture shock, most don’t expect the amount of kindness and gratitude received at the burn. While others live for that moment once a year where they can release that inner burner being.

Dust made it difficult for a clear shot, apologies.

(The Temple of Promise – Temple Burn)

If you think Burning Man is an environment for you, then you should definitly look into experiencing the event. One thing is certain if anything it’s an eye opening adventure, that I personally believe everyone should live at least once. Its fundimentals are true in nature and from what Ive seen myself live up to its reputation of being one of the most visually stimulating places on earth.

For more information you can go to http://burningman.org/

Ticket sales start back up in early 2016.

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