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Cartoon Hangover’s Bravest Warriors Gets Weird

The comic adaptation of the animated web series was, as anticipated, hysterically offbeat and ironic from panel one. Expectations had been set for an ongoing theme of odd humor, simple line work, borderline florescent inks and an underlying existentialist meaning which ultimately, were met pretty seamlessly. Bravest Warriors is a collection of  stories that invoke the philosopher’s chin scratch and hysterical laughter from the reader simultaneously. Talk about my kind of comics!!!



Paralyzed Horse Giant is introduced hilariously in “Jellyfish Beach”, on the planet Rlheyah while he has escalating conniptions from coming in contact with a jellyfish-stung Chris. To his relief, the boy eventually scurries away.  After what seems like the horse’s near implosion, the mythical creature meets his telepathic equal, a wise old white-haired man with ferocious tickling fingers, breeding a neighing eruption from the horse that sends him spiraling into oblivion.


Flies”, the second story in this short anthology, makes sure to keep this tone consistent.  Through trial and error Chris, Beth and Wallow fight to keep the maniacal buzzing of flies from Paralyzed Horse Giant’s poor exposed eyeballs. From broom-swatting to helmet-wearing, to torch-blowing–yes torch blowing– The Bravest are still unable to defeat the mess of buzzing menaces. Eventually, from  literally extracting “smart” from Paralyzed Horse Giant, the flies fall inert with colossal pupils, mimicking the host from which they extracted this “smart”, dazed at the concept of cosmic  infinity on the floor.


These erratic yet insightful short illustrated stories stretch on for volumes upon volumes, growing a collection that is now over 26 issues long! Pendleton Ward keeps us coming back with weird, comical stories of barnyard animals and their internal dialogues implying  borderline insanity, and the stimulating illustrations that bring it all alive.


Who are your favorite characters in the Bravest Warriors world? Comment below and let us know!

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