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I, Lisha Misha, am a casual gamer and anime watcher.  So what does that mean to me in the world of gaming and anime watching, especially in comparison to others? I watch anime and play games at my leisure when I have time, or when I get around to it due to work and other time restraints that I have now compared to my elementary and high school days. I may play over at a friend’s house or at my own, or even at a party or event if there are games to be played. If I find a mobile game that I like, I may download it to pass the time when waiting on a bus or train to come. If I watch an anime, it will be quick, and every once in a while and not watch multiple shows in a night like how I used to unless I can multitask while binge watching a series.

Some people may play competitively and even go to gaming lounges like Ignite in the Ukrainian village to play with friends or attend tournaments. They may devote longer hours for their games throughout their week. They may also spend more time gaining and unlocking achievements on their game(s) of choice, and master combos in fighting games to gain an upper hand against n00bs.


Though I would love to dedicate almost a whole day playing a game whether it is the Sims (I spent a lot of hours playing the original Sims 1 on the PC as a child!) or leveling up my characters extensively in a round of Final Fantasy, but work, blogging, and irl (in real life) leveling up eats up a lot of time these days that could be spent on playing and reviewing games. I have no shame in saying this, and would not front like I play games or watch anime all day long. Even though I am in SugarGamers, it is a bit ironic that I spend less time than I did years ago with one of my favorite hobbies!

Are you a casual gamer? Do you spend more time on games and anime now than you did before? How many hours a week do you dedicate to gaming or anime watching a week? Let us know in the comments below!


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Lisha Misha

Artist, Designer, Blogger at Lishas Looks
Lisha is a blogger and enthusiast of Japanese fashion subcultures residing in Chicago. Her love for alternative, eccentric fashion brought her to an alternative fashion subculture named “Gyaru”. They, with their previous crew, have created events for people who were into Japanese Gyaru fashion in Chicago and also a few other areas in the Midwest. They also have a Youtube channel that was dedicated to applying makeup in various extreme Gyaru aesthetics and styles for people, especially girls who had African American features, could be able to take note. They also enjoy old school anime and various video games, usually 1 player games. Besides liking anime, games and also alternative fashion, they also like to create and customize clothes and to draw. They have studied fine arts, graphic and digital arts at college, and finds time to paint and draw for some art shows and leisure.

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