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Delia Awesome is…Well…Awesome

Delia awesome is a story of a girl who reaches the end of her rope in unexpected timing.  In the midst of chasing pills with beer to numb herself to her fading relationship and dull surroundings, the reality of her current situation metaphorically taps her on the shoulder (or punches her in the face), screaming “WAKE UP!” in her direction.  Within the opening panels, Delia’s boyfriend comes home hours after he is expected, introducing the first conflict and apex within the story. Rick, Delia’s musician boyfriend, returns reluctantly to her after a show, to sever the toxic ties that were holding them together.


Upon her post-rant plea for reconciliation, Delia spends her foreshadowed post-break days drinking and sobbing in the shower, and grumbling her way through crammed public transit, her job, and her life.

delia-awesome-1-pg-10Making an attempt to resurrect herself, Delia puts on her cowgirl boots and a layer of lipstick and heads out to one of her ex’s gigs. This is all done unwisely so, as disappointment and uncertainty still stir within her. With her self-perceived balls of steel, she heads out into the storm, putting her face right up to the hand of reality, marking a  second apex of the story.


As Delia tries to revive old ties, it quickly becomes obvious that her backtracking into old habits was a poor decision, as there isn’t quite a place for her where she once existed. (This comic isn’t ALL doom and gloom….keep reading, I swear!)


delia-awesome-1-pg-152As these realizations tear her away from this old, now unfamiliar world, Delia, with tears streaming,  thrusts herself into the night, into the third and final apex of this story, making all this doom and gloom worthwhile.  As she loses her pack of cigarettes to a puddle at the most inopportune time, her fuming rage and watery eyes seem to summon what looks like an asteroid crashing to Earth. Yes, you read right, an asteroid. 


Little does she know, the asteroid isn’t an asteroid at all, but an alien machine from the heavens that came along at this very precise time to change her life…



Delia Awesome, a story that can be interpreted to be about a woman finding her power after she she sheds her past and what no longer serves her, was written and illustrated by talented Chicago artist Michael Schneider in 2013.  As of right now we’re still waiting for that ‘To Be Continued…” Find the Delia Awesome website and full comic online here.

Who are some of YOUR favorite local artists? We’d love to feature them here!  Comment below and let us know!



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