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Double Take Makes a New Comic Universe

Spring #4 from Double Take

America’s favorite movies are comic books. Marvel and DC have been absolutely crushing the box office over the last few years, and it it’s no surprise; both publishers have had decades to get their stories straight.

But what happens when we catch up to the present? What happens when we strip-mine all the goodness from those previous generations? How do you make something new in a market place dedicated to preserving and reviving the old?

Well, it’s not easy but Double Take is trying just that. If that name sounds familiar that’s probably because you’re thinking of Take-Two Interactive, their parent company and titan in gaming. They have their eyes set on the four color floppy market with their new, dead universe. It’s multiple titles all progressing in real time, concurrently, managing a strange zombie outbreak that’s resulting in something more than just your shambling dead scenario.

Double Take Spring 4-1Double Take Spring 4-2Double Take Spring 4-3

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From the Press Release: Welcome to Evans County, a small town with a big problem. Well, several problems. From a borderline sociopath NASA scientist to a trio of warring local radio hosts to a 6-year-old girl with the foulest mouth you’ve ever heard.

The Double Take Universe enters its 4th issues, and all hell is breaking loose. Questions are being answered, and Washington is planning for an explosive solution. Spawned from the universe created in the 1968 cult classic film Night of the Living Dead, the Double Take Universe nears the end of the beginning with 10 pivotal 4th issues, Super Packs. and individual issues available June 1st at your favorite local comic shop!

Using zombies to drive a bigger, deeper, weirder universe. Using something strange in a familiar way evolve into something strange in a new and different way. It’s an interesting take on an interesting problem. Still, I’ll be keeping to the rooftops and out of biting range.

Spring #4 drops nation wide on 6/1. Check your local comic shop.

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