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Felix Gray Product Review

Now that I have had a chance to spend some real quality time with my Felix Gray glasses, which yes, included a fabulous photo shoot shot by Keisha Howard (thanks boss, I feel pretty), I can give my full assessment.

The Shopping Experience

ShopFelixGray.com is a clean and simple commerce website that is pretty straight forward. You can learn about the product or just jump right in and shop.

The selection is small but versatile with very classic and timeless designs that are not beholden to any gender. The color pallet stays very neutral and sophisticated. The frames are named after infamous figures in history, many of whom I do admire, so that adds a charming touch.

Whenever you click on a particular pair, you get a little guide in the right sidebar. In the guide you can see the measurements of the frames. There is also a “face” guide which will classify the frames for either small, medium or large faces. The right side bar also lets you add a slight magnification or a reading prescription.

I honed in on the Roebling frames since they were listed as suitable for medium faces. Considering my wardrobe is a swath of black, dark grey and more black, I naturally picked black for the color. The deed was done, now I had to wait four to six business days.

First Impressions

Opening the package from Felix Gray is a lovely experience because everything feels so high end. You get a strong hard case with a leather feeling finish on the outside and a soft velvet lining on the inside. You also get a branded cleaning cloth.

After gushing for a few minutes I went ahead and slid them on. At this point I feel I should disclose that I have a pair of glasses that I use for gaming. The lenses for these glasses are yellow in color and are coated to filter out harsh light. They work great for gaming and keep my eyes from frying out of my head at three in the morning. However, once I put on my Felix Grays I immediately understood the difference between a coated lens and a Felix Gray lens. There is no coating on the Felix Gray lens, the filtering is all built into the lens material. It feels like there is nothing between me and what I’m looking at.

Next up, I noticed how flattering and comfortable they are. The Italian acetate is light and rich in color, the black is deep with a little touch of gloss, but not too much. The glasses feel pretty strong, I don’t feel the need handle them with white gloves.

Light as a Feather, Effective as Hell

I currently have several writing projects under my belt and spend a lot of time banging away on the keyboard in front of a screen. My current workload would prove to be a formidable test for these glasses and they managed to genuinely impress me. I cannot tell you how many times I forgot I was wearing them. I nearly walked into the shower with them still on. The frames are pretty good about not digging into the bridge of my nose, there is a little evidence on my skin when I have been wearing them, but nothing that causes discomfort.

I can work for hours on end and my eyes are fine, no burning, no tearing, just pure productivity.

What About for Gaming?

I wore my Felix Grays for a long night of racing action on my Xbox and once again, they were completely effective. I can say without a doubt that the product is excellent for gaming SHOULD you not be wearing a headset. Unfortunately if you wear a headset, which I do most of the time when I game, I ran into a snag where the arms of the glasses do not sit seamlessly underneath my headphones and therefore cause the arms to dig into my head. I cannot speak for all the frames as I only possess the one Roebling pair, however since these glasses weren’t designed with gaming in mind, I imagine the issue could be across the board with all the frames. I personally would LOVE to see a Felix Gray interpretation of a gaming frame. Until that time, I’ll have to hang onto my coated lenses for gaming, but for writing, the Felix Grays will be the undisputed champion protectors of my eyes.

My Recommendation: Buy Them

For 95$ you get a high quality product that is practical and chic and can be worn in the workplace. If you want to learn more about the company and its origins you can read my interview with Felix Gray’s co-founder Chris Benedict by clicking HERE.


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