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Fortnite’s Battle Royale Beta is Haunting my Dreams

The latest gaming craze of the battle royale game mode exploded onto the scene thanks to PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) for PC. Take 100 people and airdrop them on a map and then in true Highlander fashion, watch them snuff each other out until only ONE is left standing. I like to keep my serious game relationships to a minimum. Since I didn’t have a proper gaming PC I felt I was free to keep my regimen as is and wait for this fad to pass. Yeah well, sh*t happens.

Enter the beta for Fortnite’s Battle Royale which is free to play on consoles and PC, thanks Epic Games. Three things that were holding me back:

  1. Ulgh, over the shoulder, I’m an FPS kinda gal.
  2. I thought, “boo! No respawns!? I LIVE for respawns!” Because I require a lot of them.
  3. I get very impatient with camping style based gameplay.

The reasons I caved:

  1. It’s free
  2. I found out you can just hop into another game once you die or watch and cheer on your team. (I do A LOT that, and I’m f**king dope at it.)
  3.  Peer pressure from a few friends who shall remain nameless….f**k you Ace.
  4.  As far as camping is concerned, there is a storm that tightens the arena of gameplay as time goes on, and let me tell you, it gets pretty snug.

My first game was a solo match and the first thing I noticed is that learning curve is a little steep, I recommend heading to the official website or watching tip videos on YouTube. There’s a whole building element involved where you can build forts and protections from enemies or create means to traverse tricky grounds. For the most part you have to be quick about building and that takes practice.

The shooting mechanics are a bit wonky, the frame rate will drop at the most inopportune time and yet I was hooked. I’m talking four in the morning, make myself appear offline so no one bothers me kind of addiction. As of right now I have yet to win, I’ve only come so far as second place and I had help.

There is something so delicious about taking out an enemy and watching them explode into a sea of weapons and gear. There’s also a counter which tells you how many people are left standing and it’s hard to not look and tighten your grip on that controller when you get down to 20 left. From the looks of the character models, which are currently assigned at random, there will be TONS of customization options. Here’s the official gameplay trailer:

If you haven’t hopped on the PUBG train and are eager to alienate friends and family free of charge, I strongly recommend giving this beta a try.

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Rebecca Rothschild

Editor in Chief
Rebecca is a writer and narrative designer living in Chicago working on several animation, comic and game projects. She is the creator and writer for the sci-fi comic book series Warshiner as well as the free web comic Shero and Vex. She has worked on games like Mutant Football League.
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