Geek Feature: Mandy Madrox of MandyMadroxTV

Since NWI Comic Con 2015 is just around the corner, I wanted to feature some of the wonderful people that I met last year!

Meet Mandy! Mandy has a YouTube channel called Mandy Madrox TV (I’m Geeking Daily).


Mandy Madrox is…

I’m a World of Warcraft addict with more played time than anyone should ever admit to. I’m a web designer, movie lover, and gamer. When it comes to movies/tv scifi, fantasy, horror and super heroes will also have my attention. I don’t so much collect comics anymore, but I do have a small collection of action figures.

How did Mandy Madrox TV start and what is it all about?
Mandy Madrox TV started in August of 2011 with 2 main shows. I’m Geeking and Level 85 Hunter in Real Life. While Level 85 Hunter is missing in action, I’m Geeking is still on the ‘roster’ today, with a few sub title variations like Reviews and Dailies. Mostly it’s about just having fun and expressing myself.  Geek and Gamer type things is a theme seen throughout the things I put together.

What/Who are your inspirations behind “Geeking Daily”?
I’m not sure there was a who, maybe a what? I was trying to come up with different things I could do for the channel, and it just kind of popped into my head…why not do something every day. I went with trivia or little known facts type stuff because I thought to myself  “this will be easy, there’s ton of info out there to choose from!” then a few weeks in, I realized that was actually the hardest part, because I couldn’t decide which topic to cover.


What was the toughest thing you have ever encountered while –

Starting Mandy Madrox TV?
I think the toughest part of starting the channel, was just starting.  Picking a camera, figuring out the best setting, and then working out a format for what I wanted to do.

Promoting Mandy Madrox TV?
Everything about promoting the channel is tough. It’s said the best way to get the word out is starting with friends and family. While it’s important to use the right keywords, and catchy title, if you don’t have your family and friends sharing the videos and your promos…well you’re going to have an even tougher time. Which is what I ran into straight out the door. While some of my family was (and still is) 100% supportive, I got mixed reactions from friends. Some wouldn’t share because they didn’t think anyone they knew would be interested.  A lot of people who had said they would promote the channel heavily, were suddenly unavailable. Outside all that, it’s also tough, because if you don’t have cash to throw at advertising, you are relying on social media and hash tag stalkers, and that’s all hit-n-miss.

Being a female in the geek industry?

I think I’ve lucked out so far, and haven’t found anything tough about being a girl in the geek industry yet anyway. Being a girl on youtube on the other hand..well. I’ve been told a few times I’m not eye candy. “People don’t care what girl youtubers talk about, they just want to look at a pretty face” type stuff. It’s tough to hear, and I admit it can really mess with your head to be told such a thing, especially since when I sit down to record I’m not worried if people are going to think I’m cute or hot,  I’m just worried about forgetting to say something or rambling on too much.

What is your favorite “Geeking Daily” episode?

This is a hard one…because there are 365 of them. If I really had to choose, I would say at this moment, the one about Vin Diesel doing Groot voiceovers.



Of all the interviews that you’ve done, which one is your favorite?
I really can’t pick a favorite, because every interview I do is equally awesome. I love learning about people’s projects and helping them get the word out about what they do and why they do it. So..really,  just go watch them all!

You just had a review or a critique about the media/companies over-imposing diversity in comic book characters ( Jimmy Olsen on Super Girl tv show ). Care to elaborate on this review? 

As I explained in the video, I feel it’s important to have diversity in comics and related things like the tv shows and movies based on the comics. Comic companies, like any company, can only have success if they have people purchasing what they are selling. The people purchasing their comics want to see more diversity. It’s not the 1940s anymore and comics are being read by a more ethnically diverse audience. Some of that audience has spoken out.

So we have the comic companies listening, but in some cases not putting in the effort I feel they should. When working on a project, if they change the ethnicity of an already existing character it feels like the company is telling the fans “We hear you, but it’s not worth our time and effort to come up with and introduce new characters” It feels like they are only making the change to appease people and avoid being called racist. Make new characters please! Marvel did it with Kamala Khan and Miles Morales. I thought this was awesome. New characters, backgrounds and looks into different ways of life.  John Diggle and Fish Mooney, new characters introduced and it worked. Why can’t we have a new Justice League comprised of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and two new never before seen superheros with ethnic backgrounds?

Talk to us about a Rogue’s Vlog (How it started, inspiration and who’s your target audience).

A Rogue’s Vlog was started because I wanted to do something World of Warcraft related, but different than I already had. I did Level 85 Hunter which was WoW related, but it was all pretty silly type stuff. I wanted to do something that would have funny moments, but would also be a little darker. I have a fairly over active imagination and often when playing I find myself thinking what my character may say in reaction to events unfolding as you complete quests. I thought acting out those reactions would be fun, and a good way to mix up what I’m doing.

The target audience is really, anyone who plays the game, or any game that has a rogue class or similar. I hope to present it in a way though, that anyone who knows nothing about World of Warcraft may still enjoy meeting this character and hearing her point of view of what’s going on.

What or who would be your dream feature/interview for your YouTube channel?
Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles for a group interview

Where do you see Mandy Madrox TV in the future?

I see it going wherever viewers and life allow it to go. I have a lot of plans for 2015, then again I did for 2014 also and because of life events, the bulk of them didn’t happen. But I think I’m going to be starting 2015 off with a better grasp of things. In the future I would like to see more subscribers, what youtuber doesn’t want that? The end goal however, is to be able to look back at all I did, and say I had fun.

Where will we be seeing Mandy this year (cons, events, etc.)?

First up, NWI Comic Con on February 21st! I’ll then be headed to Dan Con in March in Orland Park and FC3 Con in May in Rockford. I plan to be at a few others, but they haven’t announced their dates just yet.

What would you advise to other geeks who follow your YouTube channel?
Never leave home without your sonic screw driver and it’s ok to spin in your office chair and pretend you’re shooting magic missiles around the room.



You can catch Mandy on the following links:



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