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Geek Girl Apartment – Part 1: No Comic Books Were Harmed During the Duration of this Renovation

In celebration of my one year in my apartment (and almost a year of dreaming how it’s “supposed” to look like), I finally got around to renovating and decorating my apartment. (Comic) Cons have died down, so I finally get to breathe a little. LOL!

(For tips on how to organize your geek den, check out SG Jesselyn’s article – 5-tips-neat-nerd-nest)


When I moved into the apartment, the living room walls used to be aqua/dark teal color all over, and I decided to paint it this flat, vanilla color so that I could use my projector directly on the wall. The neutral color also made the room look bigger! Small rooms look bigger if you use light or neutral colors and it goes the same with the furnitrue as well.


As a young girl, I always wanted to have a comic-book-themed room, and now that I’ve done some research and I have a place of my own it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it.

So first I decided to have a comic book wall.

Having slotted ceilings was such a challenge for me, as I wanted to display my favorite comic books, and the ones with my favorite covers on the wall as they were too heavy and tend to bend while they where hanging up on the ceiling. I needed to find a lighter alternative, and another option since I did want to keep my comic books in good shape.

So all I needed was –

1. My comic books

2. A color printer ( I thought about printing them in black and white, but I didn’t think this would stand out as much)

3. Photo Paper (8×11)

4. Adhesive ( I used masking tape because I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying here and that way I can move it around when I want to. I heard that Mod Podge does the trick as well if you want a more permanent effect).


So it was really simple. After the paint dried up, I printed a bunch of my comic books in photo paper –


Then I cut the extra space and it turned out just to be the exact size as the comic book itself.


Then I just simply taped them to the wall and, viola! Done!!!



See – So easy!


Next came the coffee table. I used:

1. A table

2. Primer

3. Paint

4. Old comic books (Previews from comic book stores and old comic book themed calendars were used on this one!)

5. Mod Podge

6. Glaze Coat/ Epoxy/Resin


First, I sanded down the table and painted it almost the same color as the wall.




Two coats of paint and it looked like a completely different table!

Now time for measuring and cutting. As much as possible, I tried to stay away from going through my comic book pile. I don’t want to “kill” any comic books in the process, as always.


Apply Mod Podge to the area were you want the pictures are. Tip: Used one of those scrap book rollers to get air bubbles out! I learned the hard way.



Apply a coat of Mod Podge on top once you’re done putting all the pieces together. Let it dry over night and apply the glaze on top.

This guy from Lowes told me that this is the same thing they use at bar tops/ tables.
Ok, so it got cold out too fast and I wasn’t able to apply mine, but when you do you need to do it in an open area and something to line the floor with as epoxy expands. I also read that when you’re applying the epoxy glaze, you need to put tape and frame the edges because it expands and drips all over the place. I’ll post another picture once it’s done.

So there you have it, folks! My simple, easy and budget-friendly DIY geek living room make over!


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Also see Geek Girl Apartment Part 2.

Do you have any geek-related  rooms/home decorations or DIY’s you want to share?

Email me at monica@sugargamers.com and we’ll feature it on our next blog!!!




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