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Health and Gaming

As a person who has dedicated a lot of time to gaming, comic/manga reading, and anime watching as a child and teenager, and also hearing stories about people who have let gaming ruin their live I try my best not to let my hobby ruin my social life and also my health.

Spending too much time on games or anime watching can be a hazard in a number of ways. People have had relationships, grades, and work performance fail horribly and suffer due to the person focusing the lot of their time on enjoying their game of choice and shunning the real world.

Self care can be neglected too when a person starts to show signs of an addiction to a game. Hygiene may become a problem if the person feels that showering or brushing of the teeth can interfere with their fun. They may also not eat balanced meals that are not loaded with a lot of bad fats or cholesterol, or hydrate with proper liquid substances that are not loaded with artificial sugars and dyes or have too many artificial flavorings.


Not only does this not give the body the nutrients for the body and brain to function healthily, it overloads the system with too much sodium and sugar that can cause heart problems, blood sugar or sodium levels, or even lead to unnecessary weight gain for the gamer or anime watcher.

I personally had a few bouts where my diet (eating habits, not for cosmetic reasons) and also my social life suffer while I dedicated a lot of time to a favorite game, one of them being The Sims 1 back in grade school. I had spent a lot of time making sure that my Sims family ate, had a lavish home, made new friends, and gained tons of skills while I stayed home, stationed in front of the computer living through my created characters. Though I do go through bouts of gaming or anime binge watching and snack gorging, it isn’t as bad as before.

Word of the day:



When you have a tournament or just playing some rounds of games or watching a series, have some juice, water, real food, and healthier snack alternatives handy! Your body will thank you!

Stay healthy gamers!

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Lisha Misha

Artist, Designer, Blogger at Lishas Looks
Lisha is a blogger and enthusiast of Japanese fashion subcultures residing in Chicago. Her love for alternative, eccentric fashion brought her to an alternative fashion subculture named “Gyaru”. They, with their previous crew, have created events for people who were into Japanese Gyaru fashion in Chicago and also a few other areas in the Midwest. They also have a Youtube channel that was dedicated to applying makeup in various extreme Gyaru aesthetics and styles for people, especially girls who had African American features, could be able to take note. They also enjoy old school anime and various video games, usually 1 player games. Besides liking anime, games and also alternative fashion, they also like to create and customize clothes and to draw. They have studied fine arts, graphic and digital arts at college, and finds time to paint and draw for some art shows and leisure.

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    Health and Gaming

    As a person who has dedicated a lot of time to gaming, comic/manga reading, and anime watching as a child and ...
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