Hide Your Geek Junk Like A Home Decorating Boss


When it comes to clutter, geeks are great for massive, multiple collections: books, gaming gear, computer equipment, and all the wires. Although we cannot live without our technology, no one wants a house full of exposed wires. For those that live in small spaces, or who just need a refreshing home make-over, I have some great tips to hide all your necessary geek junk into practical and easily accessible furniture and decorations. 


Check out this minimalist Pottery Barn-esque corner. It’s actually my home office!


With three cardboard trunks and two book boxes I bought at Home Goods, I have been able to store a ton of office supplies. Each box contains similar items while small jars, boxes, and zip lock bags are labeled to further organize the contents. This saves space on shelves, cleans off desk space, and just looks like regular home decor.

I’ll admit I have a shopping addiction to boxes, but only because they are super functional. Most storage trunks and boxes cost around $20 each, but I have been buying them over time when I have an extra $20. So you don’t have to spend a fortune in one shot to start your office make-over. And if you don’t have a spacious corner like this, storage boxes could easily fit under a bed to save space.

To keep all my piles of comics from ending up in a closet, the fake big books (book boxes) are perfect storage. I can usually fit 10-15 comics in each box and the magnet closures ensure the decorative boxes stays closed. It’s a great way to keep my favorite reads close without a giant exposed pile of bags and boards.


Why yes that is a fancy looking ottoman. And it serves three special functions in my home.


Aside from a foot rest, it stores all of my gaming gear, extra pillows and blankets, and a table runner and tray so I can eat in front of the TV. This long ottoman from Target was $60 and opens with sturdy hinges so no finger tips have ever been smashed while searching for controllers.


This desk is probably my favorite upgrade so far. I have a very small space in my room between the door and the closet. Most computer desks were just a little too big for the space, while the ones that would fit were crappy Ikea desks that would have made my bedroom look like a college dorm room. I’m an adult dammit. So I opted for a clean-lined writing desk and made the most out of my space.


One of the best features of this desk is its drawer space. The depth of the drawer is only about 3 inches deep, but the design takes full advantage of the width and length of the table top. I bought inexpensive desk organizing supplies from my local grocery store and have literally everything I need right at my fingertips. Including chap stick. That’s super important.


For this type of minimalist look, it is imperative that wire management is a priority. For the CPU, 2 external drives, and wireless mouse sensor, I was meticulous with keeping those cables hidden. First, every wire leading from the base to the desktop was secured with wire ties to the rear desk leg.


Then each cable was wound into a tight coil and wire tied again. This took a bit of time and some awkward yoga positions to accomplish, but it was well worth it. I think I’ll update my resume to include “Executive Manager..of cables.”

Most of these supplies I purchased were from hobby and craft shops for $20 or less. Now I feel like I have a clean space to relax in while everything I need is only a pretty box away.

What kind of organization styles do you use for your geek gear?

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    Hide Your Geek Junk Like A Home Decorating Boss

    When it comes to clutter, geeks are great for massive, multiple collections: books, gaming gear, computer equipment, and all the wires. ...
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