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Is Denver’s Comic Con For You..?


Just a few weekends ago Denver’s iconic convention center filled with comic book nerds and geek inspired cosplay fanatics for Denver’s Comic Con.

Comic Con is one of the leading convention types to date, with organizations such as International Comic-Con (San Diego) heading the roster. Each year in cities nation wide, Comic Cons pop up bringing in a wide array of genre inspired enthusiasts. This year in Denver, Comic Con opened with a bang.! In total raking in a whopping 101,500 attendees by the weekends end making it among the largest in the nation.


But there is more to the history of Denver’s Comic Con. Originally founded as a non-profit educational organization called “Comic Book Classroom” focusing on enhancing and improving student’s learning experiences through the use of comic book media. At the same time, the founders of “Comic Book Classroom” also created the Denver Comic Con event. In 2014 they re-branded themselves “Pop Culture Calssroom” or “PCC”. The change in name reflected the organizations desire to reach beyond the comic book, and into all forms of pop culture media.



connnEvery year Denver’s Comic Con orchestrates one of the largest programming schedules of any genre convention. Reported with nearly 400 events and panels.

Denver’s Comic Con programming and guest line-ups are unique among conventions in that they promote the convention’s twin missions of Community and Diversity. Every year the convention focuses on comics and media featuring or produced by Colorado-area comics creators, women, minorities and the LGBTQ Community in our minds making it one of today’s breakthrough conventions.
This year was no different, when first entering the convention hall you could feel the energy. Merchandise lined the walls, from anime to 3D printing and even your Hello Kitty plushies. Each shopping alley was set up for every kind of geek known to man. We were lucky enough to get an in depth look into some of the magic behind the event.! With many photos and videos to compile, we’ve got some fun stuff to share so here we go.!
Starting off with our cosplay sightings, we found some absolutely authentic creations crawling the convention hall.


Sugar Gamers Caught Some Epic Cosplayers..!

Cosplayer #4Cosplayer #6Cosplayer #5Cosplayer #7Cosplayer #2Cosplayer #12Cosplayer#18Cosplayer #11Cosplayer #9Cosplayer #16COsplayer #17Cosplayers #1Cosplayers #19Cosplayers #15Cosplayers #8DCC (Denver Comic Con) Cosplayers.!

One group that stood out to most was Denver’s very own “Umbrella Corp” Division. It was hard to miss the roaring sirens, or the sound of emergency notifications as I made my way to the food court.



Founded in 2011 Umbrella Corp Denver is a cosplay for charity group. Their mission is to support  local community and military veterans by providing costumed appearances at events, raising donations and volunteering for charity – all while saving the nation from an apocalyptic outbreak. These cosplay groups are spread around the globe, including HIVES in Arizona and all the way in Sweden.

Cosplayer #13Security Perimeter at Denver Comic Con

Cosplayer #15These Operatives Aren’t to Sure What to Do After Securing The Threat.

Not all of Comic Con is about the endless alley-ways of one stop shopping. Denver’s Comic Con is known for its top-notch sections in its “Artists Valley”. This year was a treat, packed with starving artists with artistic passion and to the dime craftsmanship the dynamic array of booths was quite exhilarating.

Rocket fizz Logo.eps
Rocket Fizz Denver brought its flare to Comic Con this year with its endless selection of international candies, and over 500 types of your not so normal bottled soda. This year, I was lucky enough to snag a taste of their widely popular bacon soda and to my suprise it was amazing.!


After tasting my new favorite soda, I had to ask what the weirdest flavor they ever created was. Now I made sure to highlight “weirdest” flavor, which meant it didnt have to taste good and the answer I got was far from expected. You guest it (bet you didnt really) its ranch dressing flavored.!

You can check out Rocket Fizz at any of their 40+ store locations nation wide. For more information you can visit their website by clicking below, don’t forget to check them out at more conventions later this year.



Rocket Fizz (Medium)http://rocketfizz.com/

This company caught my attention 100ft away.! “The Blonde Swan”.

The Blonde Swan

The company was established back in 2000 with the goal of reinventing the art of millinery. The Blonde Swan had hands down some of the most brilliantly hand crafted hats/googles and accessories of all verities. All their designs are developed into patterns then cut by hand and sewn in their studio. Their booth was hard to walk through due to its constant heavy foot traffic.

Don’t fret folks.! We have the website and contact information listed right here just for you.

Official Website: http://www.blondeswan.com/4.1/Scripts/default.asp

Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBlondeSwan

Back down into the depths of “Artist Valley” I found myself in awe over the booth “Zombicatures”. Yup, thats right you read correctly..
With a simple swipe to the Square and a signature on the clip board, you can sit and get your very own “zomba-fied caricature” done right in the middle of Comic Con. The gentleman behind my once in a lifetime opportunity was artist Stan Yan. Poor Mr. Yan had no idea I was a caricature collector, but once we worked a design concept out he was eager to see what his imagination would unleash..! After a mere 30mins of conversation and laughter, Stan was ready to unveil his work.

New Image

My “Zombicature” Done By: Stan Yan at Denver Comic Con 2015

During my sit with Mr. Yan he spoke of his other side projects currently in the works. We’ll be sure to include his information, so keep an eye out for his new releases.!
Official Website: http://stanyan.me/

With many artists lining the alleys it was hard to stop at all of them, but a few in particular would stand out above the rest. Which brings me to “Daunt”. Illustrator and comic book artist Meg Daunting creates characters with a mature spin to  the”Disney” style animation.


You can catch Meg traveling the nation convention to convention.


To find out more about Daunt you can find her schedule on her website and we also put it conveniently below.

daunt scheduleOfficial Website: http://gallery.dauntingfire.com/

Everyone that attends a Comic Con looks for that “one thing” to leave home with. From that vintage Batman comic book to the limited edition Kotaku figurine, or a drabbit..

about dragons

“Imagination Galleries” bring you exactly just that. Fully animated, beautifully detailed, cable-controlled shoulder dragons and mythical creatures.! These creatures were lining the walls inside the rennissance inspired workshop at “Alfaro Puppets” booth this year at Comic Con. Each shop helper had a mythical friend perched on their shoulder covertly drawing in people with their creative flare.



Official Website: http://www.imaginariumgalleries.com/

There is something about “different” and “not perfect” that draws me in, especially when it reads in the art that I purchase.

Maydak Sample

This next gent I met this year was Mike Maydak (MAYDAK) one of the only artists I saw that had architectural inspired pieces.

MAYDAK photo

Not only that, but he managed to provide us with an imaginative approach to some iconic symbols like The Joker, Iron Man and even some Star Wars characters. Not all his pieces read the same (which was refreshing) but still truly brought a unique extension to the normal perception of our favorite geek/nerd characters and architectural surroundings.


After a days worth of highly priced prints, and hand drawn selections of work I finally found something I hadn’t seen. “Paper Pony” was a small booth, nestled in “Artists Valley” and it had some of the most memorable three-dimensional paper cut outs I’ve seen to date.

paper pony logoRanging from creations inspired by “My Little Pony” to “Final Fantasy” and “Iron Man” the approach to their pieces was something creative and fun, almost to the point where it looked so simple.! Well in a sense it kind of is, by using a die-cutting machine they are able to produce beautifully unique and accurate pieces. Good news  is they even have an Etsy and Deviant Art account that they run sales and commission work through, bad news is they are closed until further notice. All in due time they will reopen commissions but for now enjoy their stock selection.!

paper pony commisonEtsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePaperPonyPlace

Official Deviant Art Page: http://the-paper-pony.deviantart.com/

Saving the my top technology findings for last of course LulzBot’S “TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer” took the gold this year. With a giant display of raw futuristic power, their printers were spitting out three-dimensional figurines and trinkets throughout the event. LulzBot clearly displayed their companies wide successes in this virtually new market. With TAZ’s new upgrades and LulzBot’s new “Hexagon” all metal hot-end PEI print surface the possibilities are endless.!

LulzBoT Mini Desktop 3D Printer (DEMO)



I decided to leave some note worthy footage on two things I truly love.


Enjoy these two exclusive clips just for you.!

LEGO City in Motion – Denver Comic Con 

Truly a battle for the ages..

In the end, Denver’s highly anticipated event came to a close leaving the city littered with cosplayers and paper bag wielding attendees. With record breaking totals for this years event, its expected to once again take control of Denver next year. Though we only got s small glimpse of the weekend long event, we surely were informed that this Comic Con is one not to miss. For any comic book nerd to the sci-fi galaxy fanatic Denver’s annual Comic Con is fit for anyone of any age and interest.


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