How Being a Jerk Can Make You A Winner – Evil Apples Review for iPhone/iPad

I have been told that I have a dark or morbid sense of humor.  I mean come on…who wouldn’t think making sweet love to Zombie Bill Murray isn’t funny?! And if you are like me, you may have received a few frownie faces for some terrible but funny jokes you have made in the past or earlier today. Don’t feel bad because now there is a game created that can turn your filthy mind into the mind of a champion and you even get cake when you win…Score!

Evil Apples is a delightfully inappropriate version of Apples to Apples and inspired by Cards Against Humanity, that you can take On The Go. You can only download the app if you have an iPhone or iPad but cheer up Android users, maybe you’ll get a chance to play soon or nah!

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How it Works:

One card is drawn on the behalf of “The Judge”. The card shows an incomplete sentence where the rest of the players must decide and select the best card from their hand that completes the sentence. The cards are first placed face down so “The Judge” can select the card that they feel appeases their evil minds without being biased on whose card belongs to whom.

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The cards all contain dirty, naughty, racy, weird phrases or words that are intended to make you either laugh or uncomfortable.  So if you are feeling none of your cards make sense or fear you might offend, chances are you on the right track to success.  If “The Judge” selects your card, you win the round and some gold coins that you  can use to buy some Power Ups or more dirty decks from the Evil Store.

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Each player takes turns being “The Judge” and the first person to win 7 rounds, wins the game and extra lives in the form of slices of cake. Oh yea there is also a real douchey confetti celebration thrown for you when win because you deserve it.

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Use the cake to continue playing for free with random strangers across the world.  Unless you opt to buy a season pass for $4.99 or just play with people you know for free.


  • You have the option to play with friends or with random strangers.
  • It makes being on your phone and hanging out with your friends at the same time acceptable and not rude.
  • You can chat with other players during the game.


  • I found that some cards tend to repeat themselves more often than I’d like unless you buy more cards of course.
  • I wish there was a way to get my fellow Sugar Gamers in on a game while playing in the Random mode so we can kick butt together against strangers.

My Winning Tips: People will say it’s the cards with the meanest, crudest words on it that tend to win but I think it’s based on how well you know your audience. It’s easier when you play with friends or in person to gauge whether someone tends to pick anything related to sex more than those who only pick cards that make a grammatically perfect sentence. Just pay attention to people’s patterns and you too can be the smartest jerk to win!

By Mika Kenyah



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