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Almost 22 years ago, Naoko Takeuchi began releasing chapters of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” for manga magazine “Nakayoshi”. Combining elements of Greek mythology, astrology, and astronomy, she wrote a story about a girl who becomes a soldier of the moon. Joining forces with other “sailor soldiers”, 14 year old Usagi Tsukino fights to protect planet Earth against evil beings, all while still managing to complete to her homework!

What set “Sailor Moon” apart from other magical girl series was it’s ability to touch on mature topics. Eating disorders, depression, love, and sex were themes often brought up during it’s run in the 90’s. Gay and lesbian relationships have also been subjects of attention for this franchise, making this anime positively ahead of it’s time.

Toei Animation picked up an anime adaption of the series in 1992, bringing the “Sailor Moon” franchise to girls around the world. Three movies pertaining to the story have been released, and there have even been several musical adaptions, video-games, and a live television-series.

On August 4th, 2013, during a 20th Anniversary event, it was revealed that a new “Sailor Moon” animation was in the works. The anime is to be subtitled in 20 different languages, and Niconico.com plans on airing a live-stream of the show world-wide starting July 5th.


In order to celebrate “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”‘s influence on Japanese culture and young girls across the globe, Sugar Gamers is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting a give-away in celebration of the 2014 anime release.

We’ll be giving away the following:

-Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of a Rose VHS

-2 Sailor Moon Pins

-Sailor Moon Action Figure

(U.S. Participants Only)

Share this article on Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win. We’ll be announcing winners on June 4th.

Leave a comment below and let us know if Sailor Moon was apart of your childhood too!

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  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Shared on twitter! https://twitter.com/jaclynfett/status/472893527266164736

    My husband and I both watched when we were younger and now our daughter enjoys it!!

  • Cherrie L Page

    Started on sailor moon when I was 12, and still a big moonie fan. I can’t wait for the blu ray re-releases of the original series this fall as well. :)