Keisha Howard

Queen of the Universe
Keisha Howard founded Sugar Gamers in 2009 right here in Chicago.

Keisha Howard has always been a closet nerd and geeky kind of weirdo.

She is rumored to have been inspired by and or coerced (depending on who’s telling the stories) by her 3.5 brothers who love video games, comic books, an anime.

Having these interests at a young age left her with few female friends. This is where the idea for “Sugar Gamers” was born. To have a group of females that liked that same sort of geeky things she did.

Majoring in Psychology during her College years, she has developed the super human abilities of ninja communication.

Keisha has had many callings prior to assuming the role of our fearless leader (a.k.a “Sugar Momma”), and after a very successful stint in luxury real estate, where she had the opportunity to work with the Fordham Company – the original developers of the Chicago Spire. After leaving the Fordham Company she then followed her love of fashion and trends and joined URSUPERMODELS as an assistant producer to help coordinate fantastic events for high fashion shows.
She has also spent time at IMAGE MAGAZINE and acted as an assistant manager at Gamestop.

These interesting mix of experiences now allows her to creatively see Sugar Gamers from both the standpoint of a consumer and a business owner. Recognizing how creative cross promotions can heavily benefit the industry she now seeks to dominate.
A huge fan of female super heroes she is always encouraging female empowerment and camaraderie, (one of the main driving forces that led to the creation of Sugar Gamers.) She also loves beer and Bacon and thigh high socks.