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The New Face of Tabletop – SUGAR GAMERS presents Axon Punk

As adults, we are constantly bombarded with responsibilities, relationships, obligations, and work. The struggle can be real! But remember when you were a kid playing “pretend” with your friends or family? Remember how fun that was!? Well we do – because we are gamers and we know that taking time to immerse yourself in another world with badass characters is one the most cathartic and fun experiences you can have.

With beloved movies like Bladerunner, the Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Equilibrium, and Akira, you know that we all love some badass sci-fi stories. But, many of these stories need to be freshened up and brought into the twenty-first century. So, we bring to you Axon Punk: Overdrive – a new tabletop roleplaying game from Wrong Brothers Gaming that combines classic cyberpunk and hip hop to create a collaborative and improvisational game that feels like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo and is set in the gritty megacities of 2085. Axon Punk is made by a group of diverse people across the country, including members of the Sugar Gamers! Whether you are new to roleplaying or an old school gamer, Axon Punk and the Sugar Gamers are here to get you playing.

What is Axon Punk?

The world of Axon Punk is rich and utterly unique. We have developed a setting that you will love to explore and make your own. We built the rules to be straightforward, cutting edge, and extremely fast-paced. The game is exceptionally flexible. Axon Punk focuses so much on improvisation, the rules can handle even the most outlandish of futuristic imaginings.

The Axon Punk rules and setting are inspired by hip hop and cyberpunk. We wanted to take the energy, hope, and passion that hip hop inspires in us and channel it into a game that gives players a taste of those feelings.

Just like hip hop and cyberpunk have done since their beginning, we love pushing boundaries. We want to bring the game to people that have never have heard of or been interested in tabletop roleplaying. To reach this new audience (that’s you!), we wanted to include a wide range of people in the creative process of Axon Punk. We have been able to create a product that is genuine, heart-felt, and deep.

For example, one of our favorite creations in Axon Punk is the United Church of Tupac. This new religion treats the pioneers of hip hop and rap like prophets or Buddhas for the digital age. Followers of the United Church use song lyrics as scripture to inspire hope in the downtrodden masses of this dystopian world ravaged by cyberwars and hyperbolic capitalism. Tupac is the first among the prophets, because he was martyred and continued to give the world music for years after his death. People also meditate on the gospels of Lauryn Hill, Run DMC, Common, Mos Def, NWA, Scarface, and many more.

New to tabletop roleplaying or never heard of it before? Perfect! We have designed Axon Punk to be fun for all levels of gamer.

Thanks to games like Dungeons & Dragons and Settlers of Catan, pretty much everyone these days knows about tabletop gaming. The main thing that separates roleplaying games (RPGs) like D&D and Axon Punk from traditional boardgames is that RPGs focus on the players telling a story together in their minds. Whether it is an intellectual, funny, scary, tragic, or scandalous story, the group wins when they can have an amazing adventure and everyone has a good time.

To many new players, these games can seem over-complicated and difficult to get into. If you are a person who has caught the tabletop bug, it is often difficult to find a group of people to play with you regularly. It can feel like a lose-lose situation.

This problem is so common, we wanted to make a game that can do what everyone wants – get people talking face-to-face and having a great time. The rules of Axon Punk are simple and free-form enough to get new players up to speed in fifteen minutes or less. In the game, you embody cyberpunk badasses, so anything is possible. Whether you schedule to do weekly campaigns with your friends or pull out this game for a quick one off mission to save the world, the game doesn’t fail to provide an interesting experience with your comrades.

You may ask yourself, how to get your “cool” non-gaming friends to participate.  If people aren’t ready to devote 2-3 hours to “imaginating” with you – then give it time! Your straggling friends and family might decide to give it a shot when they hear about how much fun everyone else is having. Also, bribes of drinks and snacks will help get a yes out of your most stubborn of friends.



How can you get it?

At the end of the day, we just want to share our love of tabletop gaming. We hope Axon Punk can tempt new players into trying roleplaying for the first time and bring people together for exciting, futuristic adventures. The collaboration between Wrong Brothers Gaming and the Sugar Gamers has been wonderful and created something we are really proud of.

To demo the game and test out some of the features- go to this link, and download a pdf of our Quickstart Rules Packet (free for a limited time!).

But rest assured the whole game is on its way soon!

To finish creating all this wonderfulness and get you an Axon Punk book in your hand, we need your help! To fund commissions and production costs, we are launching our KickStarter on April 18! The crowdfunding campaign will last for 30 days and ends on May 18.

We will be selling gamebooks printed by Third Act Publishing, as well as a collection of short stories, called the Gonzo Documents, set in the Axon Punk universe. Members of Sugar Gamers and many other wonderful authors will be contributing stories to the Gonzo Documents. So, if you do not want to commit to buying the game, you can support the project by buying a pdf of the stories!


Sugar Gamers, Project Violatea, and much more!

We aren’t going to stop at the Axon Punk tabletop. You may have heard about Project Violacea. We have big plans for Project Violacea so you better prepare yourself. We recommend getting your feet wet with Axon Punk, then expanding your new obsession to Project Violacea.

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Currently living in Hyde Park, Chicago, Colin is an enthusiastic tabletop roleplaying game designer, writer, and scientist. He loves to introduce new people to storytelling-style RPGs and designs games with his brother through their company, Wrong Brothers Gaming. Colin earned his PhD in ecology and evolution from the University of Chicago and works as a free-lance social media manager and writer.
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