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Nostalgia Show Recap

Nostalgia Show

Photo credit James Brodie Photography

August 19th, 2016 marked the second year of the Nostalgia Show and the last bit of fall! Local artists, Natalia Virufuentas and Elgin Bokari, created the Nostalgia Show to showcase and provide a space for various facets of art produced by other artistically inclined Artists in Chicago.
The Nostalgia Show is a gallery event that lets artists run wild with their renditions of childhood cartoons and shows that appealed to them. For this year’s theme, local artists produced work that highlighted their favorite dastardly villain or courageous hero.




Several artists took to using the mic and their lyrical and musical skills, rapping and using poetry with memories of popular shows and strengthening messages imbedded within. The others used paintings, drawings, and even plushies and 3d printed art works as their mediums of choice.





I was able to speak with Elgin and he had this to share:

“I had a great time and love seeing my people smile and enjoy themselves. The NBostalgia Show is a means o f connecting with your inner child and getting back to times in whixh the boggest ccare in the world was simply choosing what cartoon or favorite show you wanted to watch. We struggle to stay balanced in this crazy world, reliving positive moments only breeds an awaking of new energy.”



Photography by James Brodie


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