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Is there a place for Steampunk in Tokyo..?

Is there a place for Steampunk in Tokyo..? Kyle Barboni


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With its eclectic influences to its booming cultural fashion sense, Tokyo has been a leading fashion mecca for decades. Ever expanding and always “fashion forward” Tokyo has been under pressure to push out the latest trends. Well it seems when it comes to Steampunk, this may be one “craze” they don’t understand. For once, in Tokyo’s fashion empire are they behind on one emerging style..?

The Tokyo Inventors Society


Steampunk style is unique in its own way, with multiple sub generes like Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk and a huge connection to the past and future. It’s hard to figure out where in fact “Tokyo Street Culture” missed their mark. Most would say that Steampunk in nature stems from an era that Japan never experienced. With the idea of a steam powered society, other nations like Europe and North America took hold of these non-traditional visions. Unlike Japan, which struggled to push into the then considered “modern age”.

Though many still believe this to be the reasons why, it’s clear today that Tokyo’s underground culture has thrown this stereotype to the wayside and is pushing Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Cyberpunk into the spot light. With more “street style fashion-istas” sporting the corset, boots and feathered top hat look. There is still a lack of “brand name” appearence giving these cultures little mainstream popularity. Some can see this as a downfall, though others find this as an opportunity.

With Tokyo on the verge of Steampunk Culture and nobody driving the airship, one group of artistic renegades decided to ring in a new era of Steampunk to Tokyo’s undergound society. With much of the fashion sub-culture looking in on them, they quickly became a district wide phenomena. With little to no Steampunk events, shops/boutiques or brands to follow Tokyo’s growing underground soon gave way to the “Tokyo Inventors Society”.


From creators Luke Chaos musician/artist also known for the band “Chaos Royal” and Kenny Creation musician/artist also known for the band “I Am Still In A Haze” and the “Tokyo Decadance Events”.



Hosting annual events called “Steam Garden” or “episodes”, they aim to give the attendees a new and uniquely themed event in hopes of creating a multinational and eclectic atmosphere. It seemed that despite what most thought. Tokyo was proving to be the perfect inspriational setting for this Meji-Period meets Western Style experience.

Each Steampunk inspired event would include, circus performances, live entertainment/music and even a “makers market” where vendors can sell off their creations.

Common Question: Does “Steam Garden” Have A Dress Code..?

Steam Garden: There is no dress code.

We like to think of “Steam Garden” as a limited-time”Theme Park” for anyone to enjoy. However, most attendees find they enjoy themselves a lot if they really get into the spirit of things and wear period style clothing or Steampunk-Inspired Fashion.

With “Steam Garden” hidden in the cracks of a shifting sub-culture, Tokyo may never grasp the concept of Steampunk. For now Luke Chaos, Kenny Creation and their band of renegades continue to pave the path for a possible mainstream break. In the end, could the “Tokyo Inventors Society” be what brings Steampunk Culture from the depths of Tokyo’s underground..?

If you’d like more information on “Tokyo Inventors Society” and their events you can check out their website here: http://www.tokyosteampunk.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokyoSteampunk?original_referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tokyosteampunk.com%2F&profile_id=544023657&tw_i=492319735363559424&tw_p=embeddedtimeline&tw_w=364057158788186113

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tokyo-Steampunk-Society/188910044560114?fref=ts


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