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The new application released by The Pokémon Company Int and Niantic have proven to be a ground breaking concept. With users around the world eagerly waiting for its global release, Nintendo has already shown us a glimpse of what to expect with Pokémon GO.
The new game available for both iOS and Android platforms, has topped the charts in North America in a matter of days. Though countries like Japan and Europe who have yet to find it available in their app stores, we can only expect the new game to gain more popularity as it enters its worldwide release.
UPDATE: Niantic CEO John Hankes states that the company is holding off release in Japan until they can officially confirm the programs server capacity can handle the Japanese release. – No official release date has been confirmed.

UPDATE (Revised 7-19-2016) – According to tech website “Tech Crunch” they have reportedly received information that confirms an official release of Pokémon GO tomorrow (Wednesday July 20th) in its origin country of Japan. Though Niantic has yet to give an official statement confirming this new information. – We speculate that this could in fact be true.
Pokemon Generations - Japan
Here in North America we’ve already begun to see what this game can truly do. Most recently the Pokémon GO app caused a frenzy in the streets of New York City, with aspiring Pokemon trainers stampeding into Central Park to catch the rare Pokémon GO companion Vaporeon (one of the many Evee generation evolutions) leading us to imagine what to expect if or quite possibly when the company adds other generations to its new gaming platform.

Pokemon GO Tweets - Central Park
For those of you who may not be entirely familiar with Pokémon GO the new game currently taking over our country, I’ll break it down for you now. Pokémon Go is a new application that uses GPS location and AR (Augmented Reality) to bring our beloved Gen #1 Pokémon to the real world. Users can walk the streets in real time, catching Pokémon, over taking gyms, and customizing your team of personal Pocket Monsters. The application is free to download, but also includes in app purchases.. Generally like most games we see in Google Play and The Apple Store. Though this game has options to play and buy, it is not required but recommended to be able to advance as a trainer within the game. With other accessories like the “Pokémon GO Plus” a wearable device that notifies users when a Pokémon is appearing nearby. Nintendo hopes that this will continue to encourage trainers to always remain connected to there Pokémon journey.
Pokemon GO Plus
The “GO Plus” is set at the retail price of $34.99 with companies like ToysRus already listing the device as a “pre-order” and Amazon who have reportedly opened, closed then once again reopened “pre-orders”.. The Pokémon Company Int has yet to officially confirm its release, so we can only speculate that it will hit the market sometime at the end of this month.

Lets take a look at the facts we know now. Nintendo has reported that its shares have increased at around +25% just from the Pokémon Go “selected” release CNBC reports.

UPDATE (Revised 7-19-2016) – According to “CNN – Money” Nintendo shares had another banner day on Tuesday, surging more than 14% in Tokyo amid widespread mania over the company’s sensational Pokémon GO game.

 The stock’s performance following the release of the augmented reality game is staggering: Shares have risen by more than +120% since July 6th, adding $23 Billion to Nintendo (NTDOF) market value.

The company is now worth $42.5 Billion ($4.5 Trillion YEN)

Sony (SNE) ($4.1 Trillion YEN)

Canon (CAJ) ($4 Trillion YEN)

Panasonic (PCRFF) ($2.4 Trillion YEN)

Toshiba (TOSBF) ($1.3 Trillion YEN)

Information by @CRrileyCNN

Though as we stated above in our article, the game has still yet to release in its home country of Japan. So its safe to say that Nintendo can only expect that number to increase as the rest of the world gets introduced into this phenomenon.
In a report earlier this week David Gibson, an analyst with Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan, told CNBC’s “Street Signs” this last Monday.
Friday’s rally in Nintendo stock was all about the app’s chart-topping performance in North America while Monday’s rally was “All about anticipating a very strong launch in Japan any day now.”
The new application came out on July 6th and is currently available in the U.S. where it’s currently dominating the list of top free applications, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. It is expected to be released in Japan soon. Though its clear that Pokémon GO is the #1 application right now, it doesn’t mean that it will remain as such. Mia Nagasaka, an equity analyst with Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, said and we quote..
“That for Pokémon GO to have a meaningful impact on Nintendo’s profits, the game needed to hit a minimum of $15 Billion to $20 Billion YEN ($140 Million to $196 Million) turnover per month.”
Nagasaka added that the estimated daily turnover for Pokémon GO on the first day was around $400 Million to $500 Million YEN ($3.9 Million to $4.9 Million) so in order to give Nintendo a serious leg up earnings-wise, the application needed to be consistently at the top position for sales in the application stores.

(Information above provided by CNBC Reports)

Does this information mean that Pokémon GO could possibly see a decline in the months to come, or with its global release on the horizon could it only go up from here..? Its truly hard to predict.
So we’ve crunched down the numbers for you, and we’ve spoken about its origin.. Now let’s talk about the effects that the game has had on society as we know it. Videos are popping up left and right of players hitting the streets in what they call “hunting groups”.. Which are organized trainers who fan out to collect and capture Pokémon, take over the gyms and create Pokéstops. Not only has this game received outstanding positive attention, its also received some quite negative attention as well.


With players reporting injuries, robberies and freak accidents. Its clear that Nintendo could expect some whiplash from the games ever growing popularity.

Pokemon GO Warning
Though the game clearly states upon start up to “Remember to be alert at all times, and be aware of your surroundings..” Users are still posting evidence of game play related injuries from walking into stationary objects, straying into busy streets and even plummeting into bodies of water like this gentlemen in the video below..

Pokemon GO Water AccidentWARNING: This video is most likely staged from what we can see, or it could just be legit but if anything its a PRIME example of why you should always pay attention to your surroundings while playing the game.

On the flip-side a vast majority have taken The Pokémon Company Int and Niantics warnings to heart and have had no negative reactions to the game and its now notable dangers that apparently come along with it. Take for instance, the stampede we mentioned earlier in our article in Central Park. The video clearly shows an unprecedented amount of people crowding the popular park in New York City, but with no reported injuries..

Unlike some people, who have managed to find a way to lure in unsuspecting Pokémon trainers into a Pokéstop robbery.
Pokemon GO Robbery
Let’s not forget about the first infamous dead body that a young trainer Shayla Wiggins (19yrs) came across as she went to catch herself a water Pokémon. This is what she told County 10 News..

Pokemon GO Dead Body
“I woke up this morning, and I wanted to go get a water Pokémon, so I just got up and went for my little walk, a walk to catch Pokémon.”

“I probably would have never went down there if it weren’t for this game.”

“But in a way, I’m thankful. I feel like I helped find his body. He could have been there for days.”

We can without a doubt say that Pokémon GO has begun to take over, even without its full official release. It’s not hard to imagine what we can expect to see when it premieres in its origin country of Japan. Though quite surprising to most that it hasn’t as of yet, it wasn’t long ago that North American Poké Fans were obsessively covering what they thought to be an unfair approach to a soft-core launch. Its clear that the company wishes to be strategic and calculated with the choices it makes for Pokémon GO. Though we all know from what we’ve seen here in a matter of days, we can only predict that Japan will implode in a frenzy as die hard Japanese trainers hit the streets in search of Pocket Monsters.

The Pokémon Company Int has set itself up for a big year of releases. With the Pokémon GO Game (July 6th 2016) followed by the “GO Plus” a piece of wearable tech for Pokémon GO users (Speculation – July) along with the 19th Official Pokémon Movie: “Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna” (July 16th JP) and last but not least the highly anticipated (and some would consider more then Pokémon GO) Pokémon: Sun and Pokémon: Moon 3DS games out November 18th.

Pokemon Release TimelineFUN FACT: According to Deadline (news source) Max Landis the writer of Chronicle and the upcoming Power Rangers Movie reboot is being looked at to draft the script for a potential Pokémon live action film from Legendary Pictures who brought you films like Warcraft, Jurassic World, The Dark Knight Rises, Godzilla and many more. Though Nintendo has yet to publicly confirm its development, us 1st Gen. fans like myself and my team here at Sugar Gamers can only hope if it’s done.. It’s done right.

Here is a new look into the Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer released in Japan, with never before seen footage.

Pokémon The 19th Movie: “Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna” Official Trailer (July 16th Japan)


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