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How to Properly Get Pissed Off at a Game Publisher

Gamers are a passionate and very vocal community. We’re obsessed, we love gaming, we love when games are good and take it personally when they’re not. In recent years our ability to rage has been used for evil as much as it has for good. I thought I would do a quick rundown of what to do when a game publisher does you wrong.

Do A Salty Check

Are you mad at something that is legitimately unfair or are you salty because you may not be as good at the game as you think you are? If you find yourself on the forums for hours honing in on a particular weapon nerf you might wanna check yourself for large deposits of sodium chloride. Identify the level of your grievance. Have you stopped playing the game? If you’ve stopped playing the game, then you’re definitely not getting your money’s worth and you should be mad. However if you’re raging while still playing the game endlessly I would say you are still getting a form of entertainment, granted not a very healthy one. Remember, game publishers are not forcing your to play their game, you don’t have to play it, there’s other fish in the sea.

Be A Goddamn Adult

It’s not the kids crying foul over microtransactions or weapon balancing, it’s the adults in the room. Speaking as a grown gamer with bills to pay and a basic understanding of right and wrong, I DO NOT, under any circumstances condone death threats or hate speech used to prove your point. What good are you as an adult spewing childish, hateful venom at other adults doing shitty things? If you’re utilizing these tactics I have news for you, you’re a shitty human being. Definitely no better than a game publisher ripping people off.

Know Your Enemy

I’m gonna give you a tip as someone who has worked on AAA games, it’s not like all the devs get together and collectively make shitty business decisions.

Publisher executives are the ones who make the big calls. The buck stops with them, THEY are the ones who have control on what kind of practices they use.

You know who has NO SAY in almost anything that pisses gamers off? Community managers. Community managers are there for you, the gamer. They are there specifically there to make you are excited about the product. Yes, sometimes they are elected to wander onto the wild planes of the internet and defend their employer, even when they make bad decisions, that’s their job. They really don’t deserve your rage and definitely not any form of verbal abuse. Executives often don’t have Twitter accounts and are not as easy to attack, learn their names, hold them accountable, call them out, but make sure to refer to the “Be A Goddamn Adult” section.

Vote With Your Wallet

No one is required to buy video games. Hell, you don’t have to be a gamer, you can take up knitting. If a developer continuously pisses you off, stop giving them your money. That’s a wrap for this section, it’s that easy.

Bottom line, you are allowed to be mad at publishers. The trick is to be effective with your anger.

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Rebecca Rothschild

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Rebecca is a writer and narrative designer living in Chicago working on several animation, comic and game projects. She is the creator and writer for the sci-fi comic book series Warshiner as well as the free web comic Shero and Vex. She has worked on games like Mutant Football League.
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