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A Sex-Pot Sci-Fi Fantasy Warrior Story: Rat Queens Sass and Sorcery

Rat Queens is a real heart bandit, to say the least. Its plot that reeks of danger and betrayal is peppered with crude n’ cute humor, blood-baths galore and the weirdest of mysticism you’ve never heard of. Revolving around four sexpot protagonists donning costumes that begged to be duplicated, the story starts with these sassy sirens being blamed for a surge of uproar that’s been taking place in the city where they and mystical creatures a-plenty reside, Palisade. As punishment for their own so-called sloppy behavior, the Queens  as well as several other clans are assigned quests among their teammates, but little do they know, “quests” aren’t exactly what await them.


Bum-rushed by roaring, slobbering danger in the form of a colossal troll,  the four ladies meet their unexpected challenger head on when attempting to pay their assigned debt, making one hell of a messy, bloody slaying party. Reigning supreme as Betty tops off the teamwork kill by extracting the Troll’s eyeballs on daggers like shish kabobs, the Queens realize something fishy is going down in the city of  Palisade.  Their suspicions are quickly confirmed when the ladies get wind of  the attack on other city clans during their attempts at fulfilling their quest.


As foul-play is revealed, the plot takes off into a journey to find who’s trying to rid the world of the Rat Queens and the entire population of Palisade. In the-action packed adventure Sass and Sorcery, problems are revealed and resolved, as relationships form and partnerships from the past are implied. Characters who’ve already gained our hearts and crushes grow more and more complex. Full of sexy adult themes, profanity and laugh-out-loud humor, Rat Queens is sure to be a hit that few if any can resist.


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