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SugarGamer of the Week: Lisha

So, slightly Hijackiing SugarGamers’ Monica’s SugarRush for this get to know a SugarGamer post! =^w^=


Sugar Gamers Sugar Rush

Lisha, Blogger and Artist


10 Things About Lisha

I am Lisha, a casual gamer and convention goer. I run and maintain my blog lishamisha22.blogspot.com and youtube channel youtube.com/lishanala, write for SG and also Galvip, and also helping with The Artsy Maid Cafe, a one day cafe event with snacks, art and entertainment! I love art and creating various pieces, visiting places for inspiration, and trying new things. I will have a panel at Acen this year, so definitely stop on by and say hi!


1. I have been to ACen about 7 times and experienced a lot of my first’s happy moments there! From meeting new people who were into alternative fashion to seeing my classmates break dance there!

Lisha's Favorite game, Final Fantasy 8


2. I have rp’d (roleplayed) and participated in 5 total online game centered communities over the years, each bringing their own style to online gaming and interaction. I am quite familiar with rp (role playing) stories on sites like Gaia and Reddemon Apocryfa and rpg’s (role playing games) like Final Fantasy.


3. I got into Sugar Gamers a few years ago thanks to two very special ladies finding me in the digital world! It was a great start to really kick off covering anime convention and meeting special guests at ACEN.


4. I started online blogging at around 2006 on Gaiaonline and created Youtube videos dedicated to gyaru fashion and make up since 2010.

Lisha's Youtube banner


5. I am somewhat of my own original character in the rpg called Life! 😀


From Anime Expo 2013



6. I have written a handful of short comics throughout my life, and even self published one at a center for various art disciplines for high school students. I also paint with watercolours and through Photoshop, and work in various other mediums to produce art.

Kakihara ichi the Killer

Digital Portrait Of Kakihara


7. I was the Vice President/co creator of an anime club back in my High School with a long time friend from Elementary school.

Northern Illinois fashion Walk

8. I learned my first para para dance routine from a person who wasn’t participating in the subculture (gyaru) where it is most known from!


9. I can’t sing… but I like karaoke parties. But, if you know me… I will bring the fire to a karaoke bar!


10. When I was around 10 years old at a summer camp in my old neighborhood, I roleplayed with my camp buddies. One of my new found friends rp’ed as Goku, and I? Chichi! I think her character was a little fitting. (laughs)

Acen 2014

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Lisha Misha

Artist, Designer, Blogger at Lishas Looks
Lisha is a blogger and enthusiast of Japanese fashion subcultures residing in Chicago. Her love for alternative, eccentric fashion brought her to an alternative fashion subculture named “Gyaru”. They, with their previous crew, have created events for people who were into Japanese Gyaru fashion in Chicago and also a few other areas in the Midwest. They also have a Youtube channel that was dedicated to applying makeup in various extreme Gyaru aesthetics and styles for people, especially girls who had African American features, could be able to take note. They also enjoy old school anime and various video games, usually 1 player games. Besides liking anime, games and also alternative fashion, they also like to create and customize clothes and to draw. They have studied fine arts, graphic and digital arts at college, and finds time to paint and draw for some art shows and leisure.

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  • Sugar Gamers Sugar Rush
    GOW Interviews

    SugarGamer of the Week: Lisha

    So, slightly Hijackiing SugarGamers’ Monica’s SugarRush for this get to know a SugarGamer post! =^w^=     10 Things About Lisha ...
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