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TEN FTW With Jill Robi

Jill2015Gentle Readers, I was asked to interview myself and give ten things that no one knew about me. It was a tough road, but…

  1. Missed 22 days of school in high school due to staying up all night (literally) reading fan fic.

Right after season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and during my search of Spike photos, I stumbled across the world of fan fiction, and fandom in general.  I devoured a plethora of Spuffy fan fic in my late teens/early twenties.  Which, I’m still in…mmm…

  1. Wanted a debit card for the sole purpose of buying fandom merchandise online.

Also around the time when I was sixteen/seventeen, James Marsters [Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel] had an album released with his band, and the only way I could get one was online.  Eventually, he performed near my city, but I remember the pang of not being able to lay hands on the CD when I wanted to.

  1. Was a closeted geek until about age 21.26782

I think I “came out” when I finally bought the “Once More With Feeling” album and played it aloud.  And letting people know that I attended comic cons.  I think I realized at 21/22 that yes, this is my life, and I have no shame.

  1. Started writing fan fic at age 16.

Yeah–I tried my hand at my own Spuffy [Spike/Buffy] fan fic.  I liked rewriting things to my liking, or filling in the blank on scenes we didn’t get.  In short, I tried to stay as true to the ‘verse as possible.  I also wrote an unfinished One Tree Hill fic, and this year, a Richonne [Rick and Michonne of The Walking Dead] fic.

  1. Detests manips, but…

I loved the one a cousin made for me back in high school of me and a favorite actor. I still have said manip (even though it’s juvenile and shitty).  She also made a mini poster of another favorite character of mine (also shittily done), but I still have that as well.  I’m a sentimental sap.

  1. 10480150_10100840010724057_8748402051351759721_nHas a collection of fan memorabilia, including two cardboard cutouts of two separate characters, that have never seen the light of day (yet).

The first one I bought was of Legolas.  I saw it at a Coconut (a record) store, and while I did love The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I may have bought it for the bleached hair and cheekbones.  Fast forward to a few months later, and I saw a Spike one at a con.  It was fun, carrying the six-foot tall cutout (albeit folded in half) on the Red Line.  I didn’t get a lot of stares with that.  Nope.

I hope to get a Loki one in the near future, and put them all on proper display in my [future] movie room, along with some other official/theater grade memorabilia that I have.  Like my The Dark Knight hologram display.

  1. Has actually screamed uncontrollably over someone (and that someone was Brad Pitt)

I went to a pre-screening of “World War Z” in Downtown Chicago, and it was a huge event. Free food, green screen photos to recreate the movie’s poster…and as I sat in the theater and waited, I noticed all the security and cameras, and I thought, “Maybe the director or someone will be here, or some local celeb.”  But no–it was Brad.  BRAD FUCKING PITT OMG.  I stood up, I sat down, I stood up again, screaming uncontrollably.  Yeah, I was horse after that…

  1. Idolized Lucy Ricardo.11146373_10101172045548607_2881101066691513476_o

The other day I was watching the ep of I Love Lucy where she goes into The Brown Derby and ogles Bill Holden, and I realized that I picked up my affinity for fangirling, celeb hunting and cooking up wacky schemes are all thanks to her.

  1. Has met (or at least seen in person) 10 out of 12 celebrity crushes. 

In no particular order, Dwayne Johnson, James Marsters, Brad Pitt, David Boreanaz, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Chris Meloni, Tom Cruise, Evan Peters, Nicholas Hoult…and there are a few more, but I’m drawing a blank.yes+altered

  1. Has to add new things to her fangirl bucket list, as so many are already crossed off

I’ve taken epic fan photos, have touched The Rock in the flesh, shook Tarantino’s hand, made it into the coveted EW party, been to a premier after party (it was for “Don’t Mess with the Zohan.”  The party was better than the film), seen Loki (yes, Loki) in the flesh…so many things.  Things that I didn’t even think could feasibly be on my list I have done.  Like Lucy, I found a way.  The only thing that is left is to challenge myself further, and see how far I can fly.

To learn more, visit jillrobisfangirl.us or www.facebook.com/FangirlNovel

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