The Fashion of the Future has Arrived

Let me begin by saying that CES is one of the most mentally stimulating, inspiring and mind numbing conventions you can ever experience. I shit you not, 2.2 million square feet of exhibits, presentations, and full brand emersion experiences leaves you in awe and unable to formulate a full sentence for at least 24 hours after. WOW.

The technological advancements happening in the world are phenomenal and partially make you feel a little dumb that you didn’t think of even a fraction of the ideas presented yourself. There were a lot of worlds first this and robotic thats presented at this year’s CES, but the show stopper for me, of course, was the preview of what the runways will look like in a few years.

The Future of Fashion
I’m telling you, man. 3D printers and body sensors are going to be all the rage in fashion by 2017, if not sooner. Several major high couture designers have already graced the runways of NY, Milan, and Paris with garments that have been enhancing by technological advancements. As for the runways of CES? Haute couture designers Iris Van Harpen and Anouk Wipprecht stole the show for their innovatoins in fashion technology.

Known for her reciprocity between craftsmanship and innovation in technique and materials, Iris Van Harpen is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the seasons to come. The Dutch designer debuted a transparent dress covered in crystalline formations was created in collaboration with architect Niccolo Casas and produced on a 3D printer. The dress itself is revered as a work of art and leaves all and nothing to the imagination.

Anouk Wipprechts The Spider Dress 2.0

Anouk Wipprecht- The Spider Dress 2.0

Fellow Dutch designer and electronic wearables artist, Anouk Wipprecht, took her love for Robotics to the Intel main stage with the debuted The Spider Dress 2.0. The dress uses biosignals and learned threat detection to defend the wearer’s personal space. Mechanical arms extend and retract in response to external stimulation and triggers from the wearer’s body. The Microcomputing sensors of the dress were designed by Intel.
Intel is taking great strides to make designing with wearable technology is much easier for designers. With the creation of The Intel Edison, A microcomputer designed as a development system for wearable devices, designers can transform avant garde designs into living works of wearable art.

United Nude 3D Printed shoe

3D Printed Wearables by United Nude

United Nude is also grabbing the bull by the horns. Until recently, 3d printed wearable were rare finds. United nude has made the trend much more accessible through online distribution to customers and retailers. The retailer made an appearance with a first hand look at their collection of 3D printed shoes produced on the new Cube 3D printer by 3D Systems. The booth was also home to Janne Kyttanen’s Lost Luggage capsule collection and FreshFibers Jewelry.

Apparel, jewelry, shoes, hats, full drum sets and food (yes! FOOD) can now all be printed with ease. If you don’t see a design you like in stores, just do it yourself and print it out at home. Now, that is a lot easier said than done, but for those ambitious creative who are up for the challenge, the retail cost for an at home printer starts at around $900 USD and leads endless opportunities for custom creation.

Even the more “traditional” technology we use every day, such as our cell phones, laptops, and tablets is getting a fashionable refresh. Contemporary are providing consumers with special designer collection extensions to give our everyday necessities a more personality. Many men’s and women’s brands including Nicole Miller, Dabney Lee, BLKSmith, Under Amour, TheMachbeth Collection and EchoUnlt. have extended their product offering to accommodate the growing demand for pretty little geeky things.

A big “YAY!!” to finally being able to fuse a love for fashion and technology into one damn good looking unit. With the many technical focused wearables that will becoming available, being out of fashion is a thing of past.

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Jenn Nicole

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    The Fashion of the Future has Arrived

    Let me begin by saying that CES is one of the most mentally stimulating, inspiring and mind numbing conventions you can ...
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