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The Untamed Kick Starter is Upon Us!!!

Yes, that’s right!! The Untamed Kickstarter campaign is upon us! Within it’s first week, support from fans was phenomenal, earning the label of “Staff Pick” in no time with stretch goal already in sight.

The Untamed Staff Pick

Writer and illustrator Sebastian A. Jones wrote The Untamed and the dark world of Asunda where the story lurks in partnership with illustrator Peter Bergting (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Baltimore) and anthropology genius Darell May who provided the layout. Creatives Lloyd Levin (Watchmen, Hellboy) and Andrew Cosby (2 Guns, Eureka) also played a part in making the book come to life. One of our reviewed favorites here at Sugar Gamers, The Untamed tells a story of a man who was given a chance at redemption in death, but is only gifted this at the cost of seven souls that hold unforeseen importance. Herein lies the question of whether eternal damnation is to be faced at the cost of those he once loved.


The Untamed is a seven issue series made of incredibly beautiful, simplistic yet heavily inked artwork that illustrates a haunting tale in it’s stages of hard-bound completion. The Kick Starter campaign awards an array of impressive prizes for those who make a pact to back the full dark story’s publishing, that of which includes a signed hardcover copy of the final product, signed lithographs, fan packs and sit down lunches with the creators.


The Kick Starter Launch Party was also a hit, with attendance and support from big names like Erika Alexander and Amandala Stenberg, the latter of which plays a vital character in the story.

Erika Alexander

Richard Samuel Amandala Stenberg

Even good ole’ Stan Lee is showing some love for The Untamed!!



Hop on over to The Untamed KickStarter page here and see what awesome goodies await backers of the dark world of Asunda and all the adventures The Untamed entails.


We’re all Untamed!!!



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