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A Wiry Indie Reality: Everywhere Antennas

The rawness of it’s loose illustrations and its endearing, hand-written cursive text made this graphic novel stand out and shine amidst all of it’s polished indie counterparts on a super-stuffed Barnes and Noble bookshelf. Everywhere Antennas starts off with the recognizable melancholy that only an indie project can truly bring, it’s implications of a lost spirit being aimlessly afloat rang painfully customary in reference to several Gen-X creatives. Speak of  manifested aches in the body of impending depression were enough to make me wish I was reading something happier, while also keeping me engrossed as there was surely meaningful plot development, and light at the end of the tunnel just around the bend.

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Julie Delporte takes us on relatable non-fiction journey of uncontrollably scattered focus, anxiety as a daily unwelcome companion, and the sheer isolation the experience of  it all can bring, especially without the knowledge of it’s origins. Trying to force the square peg of her being into an “acceptable” circular societal hole, Julie, petrified of her future, attempts to prepare for a career in teaching, while well-aware of her condition being a less-than perfect model to shape the minds of an uprising generation.

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Medicating the “modern” way for an inhibiting condition that had yet to be properly diagnosed, in the most typical of pharmaceutical ways, she is pumped full of anti- depressants, her  reactive thoughts being that she is being treated for a condition that is being caused by physical pain itself,  not the pain itself being treated or removed to completely alleviate this supposed “condition”.

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Taking on modern filler jobs to keep her busy while she feels she’s slowly slipping into insanity, she spends only two days doing data entry tasks for hours in front of a glaring computer before symptoms of serious illness infiltrate her mind and body.

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Eventually escaping to the safety of a wifi-less world that exists nearly solely in the woods, Delporte finds her sense of peace resurfacing, as she sheds the shackles of a modern-day lifestyle.

Julie Deporte shares this roller coaster ride of a dark journey with readers, this autobiographical story fitting right at home amongst the Drawn and Quarterly library.

Got any favorite indie comics that tell real-life relatable tales? Comment below and let us know your favorites!


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