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Wormhole Ruin in 50 Girls 50

David Cho and his art mate Axel Medellin really give their readers a band of shapely Amazonian-esque femmes to gawk at, while Doug Murray’s authorship takes us on a ride through insect-infested wormholes that don’t seem to work too well. 50 Girls 50 is the ultimate story of the unique power of Womankind saving all of Mankind, with an intergalactic twist that’s fascinating and heart-wrenching all at the same time. The artist duo vividly illustrates the spectrum-like capacity of the lunar race, from being a fierce bug-slaying warrioress, to exhibiting shapely, passionate, tear-filled delicacy.


Within the opening panels, the goddess gang prepares to descend back to their home, planet Earth (as it  nears ruin), toting materials full of essential sustaining and healing agents in hopes of saving the planet’s inhabitants.  As the tension of their impending return builds, their very fears become an eerie alien-infested reality. Misfortune ensues, and  the black hole the 50 femmes dive into doesn’t take them anywhere near where they’d expected.


Upon popping out of the galactic womb post quest for resources, the 50 space seekers realize that they’ve catapulted into a space and time that’s even less familiar than the last, with no trace of Earth anywhere in sight. Keeping panicked reactions at bay, the estro-astronauts dive head first into the atmosphere of an alien planet, unsure of what to expect. The least expected indeed does happen as the uncharted planet’s atmospheric conditions are impossible for the women’s suits to tolerate. The planet’s powerful liquid surface eat away at the women’s suits within seconds, its plastic falling away leaving their robust, shapely bodies bare.


Getting sucked back into an icky expedition that had proven to be  a bit too much for some, the women slay their way through races of gargantuan insects, using every ounce of their creativity and engineering skills to maneuver a beetle shell in place of their damaged ship back into the then throes of space to find their way back home. As the women escape the jungle-like atmosphere, donning their scanty Jane-of-the-jungle gear, questions of how they will return home still remain…despite the fact that their clothes don’t.


50 Girls 50 is a fantastic read that pulls its audience right in, with a perfectly balanced dose of sex appeal and suspense, atop an unforgettable story line to boot.

What are your favorite intergalactic-inspired comics? Comment below and let us know!

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