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Zombie Orpheus Is At It Again Now With Its New Kickstarter Campaign.



Today we live in the age of the internet, everything and anything is available to anyone almost anywhere. But has that restricted us to the freedoms of sharing the movies and shows that we love. Pirating has created a suction of funding and legal issues world wide for decades, driving companies and products like “Napster”, “LimeWire” and more notably “The Pirate Bay” into the ground.
For those who may not know, internet pirating was born from the concept of free exchange between users of the internet. But nobody knew just has influential this new movement would be. Once the gates were opened, images, files, audio and video you name it became free for the taking.

ddssdsWhat if there was a group unlike the big Hollywood producers, a group that prides on relying on its fans to keep itself alive. One with “region-free” products, No DRM or copy-protection and even entirely free full releases of their shows online. This is no concept, this company actually exists and its called “Zombie Orpheus”. Our veteran followers may remember our introduction to “Zombie Orpheus” back in our 2013 article “Ben Dobyns Gives a Guided Tour of Zombie Orpheus” by one of our favorite PR mavens Lys Fulda of Sphinx Group.

“Ben Dobyns Gives a Guided Tour of Zombie Orpheus”: http://sugargamers.com/ben-dobyns-gives-a-guided-tour-of-zombie-orpheus/


Zombie Orpheus is breaking the chains on public demand, and for the first time. Feeding its consumers what they want, free material with little to no legal restrictions. Not only can you re-post, remix and share. But every show they release is licensed under a “Creative Commons NC-SA-BY” license, which gives there fans complete creative content control.

Now that you know a little about “Zombie Orpheus” and the mission behind there success we can with great excitement announce some of there newest collaborative projects officially active now on the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

ZOE’s new Kickstarter campaign: Pilot Season: Four New Shows from Zombie Orpheus is bringing you four new collaborative pilots with production companies like Gravestone Entertainment, Dead Gentlemen Productions and Battleground Productions to just name a few. Once again ZOE is giving you the fans control of what happens to these new four, ten minute pilot scrips. As they say, the choice is yours.!

Zombie Orpheus (ZOE) is best known for there crowed sourced mega hits “Gamers 4” and “JourneyQuest” now in its 3rd Season.

GamersRevampedLogoDead Gentleman and Zombie Orpheus: The Gamers 

sdsddZombie Orpheus: JourneyQuest

Here are the four potential series premiere candidates.

72c067607118e3e3a6a4f876e3aabac4_originalThe Gamers: The Series


The Mirror Game


73c3b0c6414f567f18fa51461585a807_originalDemon Hunters: Red Tape

Why should you pledge, you ask..? Without you the fans, productions like these will cease to exist. ZOE believes in bringing you limitless content that’s humorous, addictive and entirely relatable to the world we live in now. How often do the users get to decide in the fate of a companies creative process..? Why not jump in, donate and become a part of something different, iconic and totally worth it. Of course for those familiar with Kickstarter, your donations are lined with exciting and exclusive rewards.

16be565a22341a9e83e4386971592399_originalWe hope you’ve enjoyed our article on “Zombie Orpheus” and look forward to seeing just what happens to these four new pilot ideas. Who knows, you may just find yourself on set for the “Demon Hunter” pilot, or even your name in the official ending credits. For more information on Zombie Orpheus and their Kickstater campaign, click below for all the details.

Official “Zombie Orpheus” Kickastarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombieorpheus/pilot-season-four-new-shows-from-zombie-orpheus?ref=gamerati

Official “Zombie Orpheus” Website: http://zombieorpheus.com/

Official “Zombie Orpheus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieOrpheus

Official “Zombie Orpheus” Twitter: https://twitter.com/zombieorpheus 

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