HBO partnered up with AT&T and Direct TV to bring a one of a kind fan experience to Chicago’s Westworld fans. We here at Sugar Gamers hosted a giveaway of tickets to the event hosted at AT&T’s flagship store on Michigan Avenue. Naturally when anything geeky goes down in Chicago, the Sugar Gamers will attend in force.

As soon as you entered the event, you were faced with a choice. Black hat or white hat? I’ll say this, black hats went pretty damn fast.

The event featured all sorts of photo ops, authentic props and costumes on display. Fans, many of whom came in cosplay and Westworld themed attire, flooded the store.

Delicious mocktails and Sweet Baby Ray’s catering was complimented with 3D printing and a VR experience.

We had a visit from a very special guest, Leonardo Nam, a.k.a Felix Lutz, a.k.a one of the few humans Maeve leaves off her kill all humans list. Nam came decked out in a super fly suit to answer questions and take photos with attendees. He indulged our every nerdy whim and now I only hope he manages to stay alive on the show.

We want to extend a thank you to AT&T and the event organizers for an incredible evening in our own back yard. We were so happy to run into so many SG readers and fans at this event, thank you to everyone who came, we loved hanging out with you!

Written by Rebecca Rothschild (@rbonksr)