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We got a pretty nifty holiday present this year in the form of the world’s first digital esports reporter! Assembled by a crack team at Live CGI, CGIMARC7 was left to develop his own tastes and find purpose for his high tech life.

Meet Our Newest Partner: CGIMARC7! 3 Sugar Gamers

He found himself quickly drawn to the world of games and he become fascinated with competitive gaming. He has evolved into a serious esports enthusiast who created his own esports show, Black Castle Esports. The show digs into tournament highlights, as well as gaming news and culture. He enjoys observing the changing demographics and new advances in the gaming world and loves sharing his findings.

CGIMARC7 sought us out here at Sugar Gamers to give our diverse audience a chance to see more of the esports world and encourage us to be a part of it. He is anxious to expand the esports audience and bring in a fresh crop of competitors to the arena. He cannot wait to share all the heart pounding action and stats with us. Here is an episode of Black Castle Esports for your viewing pleasure.

We are honored that CGIMARC7 decided to team up with us and help us achieve our mutual goals. This is one of the many partnerships Sugar Gamers will be partaking in this year. If you are interested in reaching our audience feel free to contact us! We play well with others!