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I ran into this lovely lady at Dreamhack Atlanta and I have been a fan ever since. She was competing in the final Halo Championship Series and I was impressed with how cool she was under pressure. She’s also just a big ball of positivity and passionate fandom. Starski Wars works hard to maintain her healthy following on Twitch and has some great tips for others looking to get into streaming.

Would you consider yourself a lifelong gamer? 

Yes, I  started gaming at a younger age with games that varied from The Legend of Dragoon to other titles like Golden Eye and Legend of Zelda. Growing up it would mostly be single player games unless I was going to a friend’s house to play them in Super Smash or other various games.

What games have had the most impact on you?

I would say Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or The Legend of Dragoon. Both titles really drew me in for separate reasons.  Even though now I am usually found playing FPS games like Halo and COD.

Chatting With Stream Queen Starski Wars 3 Sugar Gamers

Let’s talk Twitch and streaming. What steps do you take so that you feel safe and keep the good times rolling?

When it comes to Twitch I try and come with the mentality that not everyone in the world is going to like me, that is just life. When it comes to how people speak to me in chat or act to me/ my friends or viewers in chat determines their stay with us.
At first if I feel as if the person is just being a hard meme and maybe after a swift ten minute ban they can chill out and it not , peace. They can make as many false accounts as they want but myself and my mods are just as fast to take care of trash humanoids. Taking things with a grain of salty I find is key. When I first started streaming I used to take things I feel a little more personally until I started discovering and really expanding my own knowledge of the “streaming world” and saw that mostly anything happening in my chat is also happening somewhere else on the Twitch-verse. One day and one step at a time is all really someone can do other than perfect your craft, in my opinion. 

Can you give a pep talk to people considering getting involved in esports but are fearful of toxic backlash?

Honestly, if you are feeling any doubt in yourself or nervousness try to take a deep breath and go with it. You are only here once, make the best of the situation. What is going to happen will happen anyways. Might as well enjoy the experience.

Chatting With Stream Queen Starski Wars 5 Sugar Gamers

Can you describe one of you favorite moments as a streamer?

Other than getting my Twitch affiliate nothing really can top opening up my email to see the partnership acceptance. Both pretty much take the cake for top stream moments other than reaching 10,000 people that I am blessed to call my friends. 

PLUG TIME! Now that our readers have gotten to know you a little bit, where can they find you?

People can find me at http://www.twitch.tv/starskiwars or twitter @starskiiwars

Big thanks to Starski Wars for chatting with me and giving our readers some solid streaming advice.

Interview conducted by Rebecca Rothschild @rbonksr