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It was right here on SugarGamers.com that a little webcomic written by myself and drawn by Erika Swanson was born. The webcomic was Shero and Vex, the satirical story of a hero and villain who are roommates.

Party Alert! Shero And Vex Hit The Big Five OH! 3 Sugar Gamers

It has since evolved into its own little phenomenon on its own site at SheroAndVex.com. Now your two favorite roomies are coming up on 50 issues and we thought that was something worth celebrating!


It’s all going down at the impossibly cool Marz Community Brewing space in Chicago. Not only can you find a unique selection of beer, the place has incredible food AND an arcade!

Party Alert! Shero And Vex Hit The Big Five OH! 5 Sugar Gamers

Erika and I will be in attendance and we will have freshly printed Shero And Vex books from our new publisher Tango Comics! You can buy the books for $5 and of course Erika and I are happy to sign them!

Because S & V got their start right here on this site, this party is an OFFICIAL Sugar Gamers event which means the whole SG crew will be attendance!

This is a FREE EVENT, you can RSVP right HERE on the Facebook Event Page! I can’t wait to party with you guys!

Written by Rebecca “Bonks” Rothschild @rbonksr