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‘Twas the night before International Women’s Day and I found myself in downtown Chicago for my first Dresscode pop up event. I gotta say, there is nothing more uplifting than walking into a room full of women ready and waiting for their first lesson in computer coding. Combine that enthusiasm with cute jewelry and you’ve got a fun filled evening.

Dresscode's Delightful Chicago Pop Up 5 Sugar Gamers
Everyone settling in for their first Dresscode lesson!

Women filled the halls of Elevate in Chicago for the Dresscode Pop Up. Immediately we were greeted with the site of these very cute metal bracelets with “I Am” and then binary code that translates to words like “Bold” and “Smart.”

Dresscode's Delightful Chicago Pop Up 7 Sugar Gamers

These bracelets unlock coding lessons via the portal on the site. Dresscode serves as a fun and very accessible gateway for anyone curious about coding, but is designed to speak specifically to women and girls.

Dresscode's Delightful Chicago Pop Up 9 Sugar Gamers
Dresscode Founder Kayte Malik taking the lead in this coding lesson!

The energy was lively and welcoming. I have to say, it did warm my heart to see so many women that excited to learn how to code. Spearheading everything was Dresscode Founder Kayte Malik and FWD Collective Founder Michael Donnelly. These two brought a lot of positive energy and an encouraging atmosphere.

Dresscode's Delightful Chicago Pop Up 11 Sugar Gamers
Kayte Malik (left) Michael Donnelly (Right) Rebecca Rothschild (Center)

By the end of a very brief, half hour lesson, all the attendees left with confidence and brand new knowledge about the world of coding. It was a very encouraging and almost magical thing to witness.

Dresscode's Delightful Chicago Pop Up 13 Sugar Gamers

I want to thank Kayte and Michael for letting me crash the event. To learn more about Dresscode, head over to their OFFICIAL SITE.

Written by Rebecca “Bonks” Rothschild @rbonksr