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The New York game scene flocked to Operating System NYC, a new gamer haven.

I write to you from OS NYC, New York’s newly opened gaming lounge. I’ve got a belly full of sliders and I’m surrounded by gamers getting familiar with this new space that will no doubt become their second home. It’s downright adorkable. The gaming demographic is one that is notorious for preferring to stay at home over going out, myself included. However, there’s been a big, noticeable shift in the game community where there is more demand for IRL events and experiences. The operators of OS NYC are looking to capitalize on this shift and help shape the game community’s future.

I headed out to New York this week and took up residence in OS as they were getting ready for their grand opening. Lots of ideas and enthusiasm floating around. I found myself pretty at home in the eye catching space. Everyone on staff, at all levels, were supercharged with excitement to serve the local scene. It made for a great work environment, also the wi-fi was on point.

Rebecca Rothschild on OS NYC's stage
Yeah…I made myself at home.

Opening night arrived and people quickly flooded the venue which also serves alcohol and hot food. The menu leans on the sophisticated side but reasonably priced considering what you get (Seriously, those sliders were GUD). There’s a lot of adult appeal here and I think that’s a good thing. I would also keep in mind that the address of 50 Bowery is adjacent to a vast array of food options for any budget or mood. The kitchen was running very smoothly throughout the evening.

It was an eclectic crowd of gamers of all generations and even those who don’t game but were happy to take in the spectacle.

Opening night crowd at OS NYC

Lots of fresh blooded gaming talent and a few familiar faces were in attendance. At the sight of the space the community was buzzing with ideas for events and tournaments. I would say this opening was a success in that the community is now aware and VERY eager to come back.


A key feature for OS is that every PC station on the floor is equipped and ready for streaming. Players can pay the hourly rate and have access to high end rigs suitable to produce professional grade streams. I love what an equalizer this could be for people who don’t have the means or time to maintain streaming equipment.

Gaming PC rows at OS NYC
Super sweet, stream ready PC rigs for all OS NYC patrons!

High end PC and console equipment is available for rent including arcade sticks for fighting games.

Mice, keyboards, headsets for rent at OS NYC
Choose your weapon!

There’s even a stage which can be used for talks and panels and also a large screen perfect for watching esports events with friends.

Big viewing screen at OS NYC
Did someone say watch party?


Appearances aren’t everything, but the way this place looks is EVERYTHING. Local artist Mr Ewok One (IG: mr_ewok_one) provided incredible wall art that screams “this is New York as f**k.”

Mural by Mr Ewok One at OS NYC
Artist: Mr Ewok One

The overall aesthetic is modern with clean lines and varied textures. The space was thoughtfully planned with a console lounge area that breaks up the typical rows of high powered PCs you often see in these types of venues.

Console lounge at OS NYC
Going full couch mode for console!

The layout allows for free movement and a stress free flow.


One of the reasons I made the trek out to New York for this event is because there is a distinctly inviting and inclusive culture at OS. It’s an energy that emits from everyone on staff and management.

Rebecca Rothschild and OS NYC staff
OS has amazing staff!

You don’t have to be “esports” to be here. You don’t have to fit into any demographic or type. There’s even a lovely little selection of table top games and tables to play on. OS is casting a wide, welcoming net and I believe has the ability to support New York gamers in a very positive way .

To find out more about OS NYC you can head to their official website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@os_newyorkcity). I want to extend my thanks to the whole OS crew for their hospitality and all the good times, can’t wait to come back!