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Here at Sugar Gamers, we had the chance to speak to Xanoz, who’s an avid competitive gamer and in the scene. She’s also one of the admins for the Vampire Savior Community Group, which is a public group that allows just fans, but players of Darkstalker/Vampire Savior.

Interview: Meet Kendra aka Xanoz, The True Vampire Savior 3 Sugar Gamers
Source: Capcom

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire is the third installment of the Darkstalker games. A game that has risen back in 1997, today it still competes at events. Xanoz explains, I have competed in several games over the years but mainly Vampire Savior. Whenever I travel to an event I register to play at least that.  I play a ton of casuals beforehand to warm up. Also, breathing exercises!

In a competitor’s world, there are events and then there are events you must attend. According to Xanoz she mentions while she competes with Vampire Savior her go-to’s are, “Combo Breaker, Makai Cup, and Evo. They all have different representatives for Vampire and healthy competition. Evo since almost everyone goes and it’s great to see everyone come out and compete.

It all started at Evo 2011.

Interview: Meet Kendra aka Xanoz, The True Vampire Savior 5 Sugar Gamers
Evo 2011 1st Vampire Savior Competition

Sometimes it’s hard not to notice when the cons could balance the pros, but with the competitive gaming community, minimal frustrations could come forward. Xanoz dives in more by saying, “Not having stations for casuals is the main thing that comes to mind. It’s very important to warm up before you play and some events do not have space or accommodations for such.” Then the topic of sexism in the space gets asked on and if it will improve, but Xanoz doesn’t get bothered. She continues, “I don’t get bothered AS much personally since I am ‘tenured’ but I support my fellow ladies when I see them on the floor and pump them up if I can. I don’t see too much sexism in person but a lot online, IE Twitch chat, Youtube, etc. I feel like the anon aspect has gotten worse online while in-person interactions have gotten a bit better.”

Interview: Meet Kendra aka Xanoz, The True Vampire Savior 7 Sugar Gamers
A Classic Xanoz Evo Selfie

Through it, all the competing continues, and the winnings do too. With multiple Combo Breakers, Evo’s, and more it seems like the drive to compete won’t stop any time soon.

Interview: Meet Kendra aka Xanoz, The True Vampire Savior 9 Sugar Gamers
Combo Breaker 2017 Top 8 – 7th Place Winners

For the gamers and/or fans of the franchise, Xanoz does give some good advice on how to get started, even if you’re a bit nervous at the start. Everyone is intimidated somehow at first, whether it be social anxiety or nerves. I would advise them to play games they actually enjoy and to play as many casuals to warm up. Sometimes warming up also helps with nerves and increases comfort levels.  Also never forget to drink water! Hydration and the right mindset are super important! Don’t be afraid to say hi to people you have met and talked to online.

Interview: Meet Kendra aka Xanoz, The True Vampire Savior 11 Sugar Gamers
Evo 2019 – 7th Place Winners

Knowing that Xanoz enjoys doing what she loves and stands proud in the journey we appreciate the fact organizations in the community do their best to better the gamer. And that’s before stepping onto that event floor inside the convention center. “..but of couuurse Sugar Gamers for one!” Xanoz says proudly and we will take that and stand proud.

Make sure to give Kendra aka Xanoz a shout on Twitter and I’m sure if you have any questions or comments on anything Vampire Savior, she is the best person for the job. Meanwhile, with Sugar Gamers, we always encourage gamers and enthusiasts in this community you aren’t going to know everything in the beginning.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and doing what you appreciate most. And if we had to resurrect ourselves into a demon world and handle business, then we support it.