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When it comes to technology and geek culture, Esha hasn’t merely adopted it, she was born in it, and molded by it which is what makes her exceptional at whatever projects she takes on. 

Whether it was the excitement from playing Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog or deconstructing the V-Tech Computer she was gifted one Christmas, she’s never lost excitement and enthusiasm for this space. 

Esha, a self-proclaimed alien, has been immersed in geek culture since her youth. Esha has always been a huge advocate for video games and innovative technology. 

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 3 Sugar Gamers
Esha enjoying her Nintendo Switch

Through her adolescence wasn’t always easy, Esha was 2 ½ weeks old she was adopted. Not knowing the birth of her real Mom and Dad she has always been fascinated by the unknown and felt like “the weird one” in group settings.  Aliens are known to be unidentified creatures and Esha found comfort in that.

Esha loves exploring the unknown. She is also inspired to create content that allows people to see things from a different perspective or educate/expose people to something new and cutting-edge.

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 5 Sugar Gamers
Esha training at the Facebook HQ in India

Be careful, Esha has a weird obsession with recruiting individuals for her Black Mirror community to have dark conversations about alternate reality and dark futures. Black Mirror is a true obsession with Esha’s solely because it speaks the truth. It is a pure reflection on ourselves and where we are going through life when matched with technology. We don’t only see possibilities of how technology controls us, but how our collective humanity would adapt to the changing world. 

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 7 Sugar Gamers
Esha working GDC 2017 for Oculus

Esha found Sugar Gamers compelling because the diverse team is filled with “aliens”. Sugar Gamers is special because of an unorthodox approach to teamwork.  If we don’t know something, we find out together. We skillshare. We are all constantly thinking about the next step into the future. We are solution-oriented as to how to push our community forward while being avante-guard and collaborative. 

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 9 Sugar Gamers
Esha sporting her favorite “stay weird” beanie

Now Esha can add her unique skills and perspicacity to the mix. 

Her experience working with companies like Apple, Makerbot, and Oculus, absorbing experience in Community, VR, and 3D-printing. 

At Esha’s core, she loves exposing people to emerging technologies! She has traveled the world and teaching many people about AR/VR and all its magical glory. Esha has worked events like E3, PAX East/West/South, Oculus Connect, Sundance Film Festival and many more. On top of which, she enjoys detailing her adventures by creating content, writing articles and editing videos.

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 11 Sugar Gamers
Esha playing Alien Isolation on an Oculus DK2

Throughout her career, Esha has been at the frontline learning about new hardware and content.

Esha is also a hardcore MMA enthusiast and founded her brand EshaKnowsMMA. Since the beginning Esha never lost her love for martial arts. She has studied kung fu, kickboxing, and muay thai but found her passion in wanting to write about the fighters instead. 

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 13 Sugar Gamers
Esha covering ONE Championship in Singapore

Esha has covered MMA media for promotions like UFC, Bellator MMA, and Asia’s ONE Championship. The excitement was always there for Esha.

Whether she sat inside the media room or cage-side, her drive for writing for Middle Easy and interviewing fighters, she knew her worlds had to come together even more than before. Thinking about Esports and MMA there could be video game conventions with fighters and fans diving into a VR headset in a competitve game like Echo Arena where you’re flying around in zero gravity trying to make the score for your team. Meanwhile, there are a handful of ideas that can come full circle especially with EA UFC Games being in the mix.

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 15 Sugar Gamers
Esha working E3 wearing a Stormland helmet

Gaming is rapidly evolving and so is the technical knowledge behind it. Being able to completely immerse yourself in a different world on the fly is amazing and there’s nothing like it. The immersion and the connection with the community is unlike any other industry.

After the multiple car accidents, Esha attributes the Grand Theft Auto as a game helping her to overcome PTSD. She has always understood that video games are more than just “fun”. They can actually have a positive impact on mental health, contrary to many beliefs.

Introducing A new face in the Sugar Gamers team, Esha Todd! 17 Sugar Gamers
Esha speaking with IGN about Borderlands 2 in VR

Esha is more than ready to join the team of Sugar Gamers and meet the rest of you in the community. Just be prepared that she might ask what your favorite Black Mirror episode is first, why and how that specific technology will be utilized in our society.

Make sure to give her a shout on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.