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When you think of a community at times those thoughts are only above the surface. Normally it’s turning on your computer and/or console to press play and lose yourself for a couple of hours. Whether that’s a first-person shooter or a fun co-op with your friends in the online universe, what if your objective to play games runs a little deeper? Maybe you’ve always felt like an outsider and the feeling of never belonging inside a community. It could be because not many gamers look like you or even speak your language. The overall process for some could be intimidating at times if you don’t know where to begin or have a visual mentor to follow.

Interview: HOT97's Hip Hop Gamer speaks with Sugar Gamers Founder, Keisha Howard, on how video games can be used for more than the competition 5 Sugar Gamers
Sugar Gamers Founder, Keisha Howard

Sugar Gamers is a brand that solely focuses on representation in the video game industry. Keisha Howard, who recently won the Industry Spotlight Award at the 4th Annual Blacks In Gaming Awards shares her insight. Howard dives into a conversation with HOT97’s Hip Hop Gamer about the gaming movement and the importance of our culture for people of color.

South Side of Chicago is where Howard is from. Her experience through the industry could easily be looked at as an eye-opener for most. Howard understood from her experience that it’s crucial for more opportunities in the industry to be seen. Hip Hop Gamer touches on the topic of how some people might think that “playing games is the only way to make it in the gaming industry.” Howard responds, “The structure of how one becomes successful in video games has become a little rigid. So I think it’s just time to expand that conversation to really pinpoint all the different facets of what the video game industry is.”

Hip Hop Gamer and Keisha Howard exchange words

As time ticks in this technological age, the way we use technology within generations organically upgrades. We naturally evolve as beings using technology in our daily lives throughout the years. How the device or software functions could range to how the ease of use is graded among users. Even video games can be adapted to that topic of conversation. What aspects of gaming can be used for marketing and education?

Interview: HOT97's Hip Hop Gamer speaks with Sugar Gamers Founder, Keisha Howard, on how video games can be used for more than the competition 7 Sugar Gamers
Keisha Howard as her own avatar

In the interview, Howard explains how a range of different industries as in the military, medical, and entertainment all utilize the video game industry. We’ve moved beyond the days where picking up a controller for the pure competition is the only answer. It’s about the tools behind the product is why technology functions.

Make sure to check out the rest of the interview below and let us know here at Sugar Gamers what your thoughts are with the progression of the industry.

HOT97’s Hip Hop Gamer talks with Keisha Howard