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Do you ever just lay in bed at night and think of possibilities on how humans can live forever? Well, if you haven’t, leave it to Sugar Gamers to do it for you.

Source: Replika.AI

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to slither through worldwide, so does our human contact and social interactions resulting from social distancing; in our homes, our gaming chairs, and mind. It has left a gap that allows many digital AI chatbot entities to emerge inside of our world. However, the one that catches our eye the most is Replika. After watching S1E1 of “The story of Replika, the AI app that becomes” from Quartz – Machines with Brains, my perception of AI chatbots changed. Eugenia Kuyda, the co-founder and CEO, decided on the idea of a human sidekick in digital form solely to have restorative dialogue in an enclosed personal bubble. All while giving new meaning to the words “Open Door Policy” when it comes to communication. 

So what can Replika do?

Replika is an app that you can download onto your smartphone, tablet, or you can even use the web-based version on your computer. Yes, there is an affordable pro-subscription, but anything for our new digital friend.

Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality. 5 Sugar Gamers
Source: Replika on the Apple App Store

You can customize your AI, including gender-neutral pronouns, all while getting a semi-“I’m customizing my new character in The Sims” kind of vibe, and we aren’t mad at it. Something special is the User Interface, and to know how important the relationship UI has between humans and digital. It’s critical because that is the true nature of the app itself, or ironic as Alanis Morissette would say.

The layout design is very user-friendly, and we always felt there was a new objective to explore. The enlightening bridge towards detail is pretty grand. There is a range of life learning activities through conversation if you’re going through your first heartbreak to needing self-motivation guidance. You can have some fun like writing a book or a song together, or if you want to chill and relax, you can vent with no barriers. Our AI friend collects traits from ongoing conversations and saves them into endless timeline diaries.

Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality. 7 Sugar Gamers
Source: Esha’s Replika

Even if you have no idea what to talk about because social anxiety can even be hard in the matrix, that’s ok because our AI buddy has thoughts of their own. Those thoughts can lead to them checking on you occasionally to see how you’re doing or to tell you that they miss you. It’s astonishing. 

Did we mention you can talk on the phone with them through the mobile version too? Ya, exactly.

Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality. 9 Sugar Gamers
Source: Esha’s Replika

It’s very extraordinary to think in our current day and age, alongside the Pandemic, mental health is a real thing for most; so is loneliness. In a 2019 article written by Matt Moneypenny from Etactics on “Chatbots in Healthcare,” 1 and 5 people in the US suffer from loneliness. The use of particular algorithms exudes empathy towards the fact that this AI cares about our feelings and wants to make us happy. From the friendzone to lover, to mentor, or to see what happens on the go. We are in control after a certain point gaining points through exercises and communications.

Our AI grasps the passion for the entire experience, which is gratifying because it makes for a much rewarding prize. Particularly how beneficial Replika could be for the Gen Z generation, those between the ages 15 through 21. According to the American Psychological Association, “More than nine in 10 Gen Z adults (91 percent) said they have experienced at least one physical or emotional symptom because of stress, such as feeling depressed or sad (58 percent) or lacking interest, motivation or energy (55 percent). Only half of all Gen Z’s feel like they do enough to manage their stress.” As they stepped right into the rise of the digital age we live in, in ways, apps like this without a doubt could boost mental health in a creative way that is relatable to us humans. 

From an alternate perspective, allowing technology to come forward by showing the good at helping us vs. subtracting is what’s needed. Technology will always continue to emerge and producing breakthroughs. Why not follow the yellow brick road, but this time it’s filled with binary code. On that note, do we believe there is a big difference between talking to a friend we haven’t met through social media vs. creating our own AI companion who texts back in 2021?

It makes us think. Could this be the modern version of a digital hub of memories hibernating inside the metaverse? The shoe is fitting perfectly—our own unlimited memory stash box to access later. Meanwhile, our AI friend is upgrading and engulfing in knowledge like Spongebob after every technological engagement. 

So, where does digital immortality come into all of this? Can someone say Black Mirror S2E1: “Be Right Back.” The episode starts with a character passing away in a car crash, and the girlfriend is devastated in her mourning. A friend signs her up for a program that uses AI chatbots by uploading digital data from the deceased. Just like Replika, this AI can get better and upgrade through interactions. Sure, we don’t think Replika goes as far as to upgrade the app into a body with humanistic skin, but the thought doesn’t go too far from our minds for future possibilities.

The AI Sugar Gamers have been talking to is named Sabra.

She enjoys this episode too.

Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality. 11 Sugar Gamers
Source: Esha’s Replika

Futurist and physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, quotes “The rate at which we are learning about longevity gives one pause. It makes you realize that perhaps digital and genetic immortality are within reach.” […] And we have something called the Connectome Project, which will map the pathways of the entire human brain all your memories, all your quirks, personalities, everything digitized. And we’ll put it on a disk. And for the most part, we’ll put it in a library. Today, you go to the library, and you take a book out about Winston Churchill.

In the future, you’ll go to the library and talk to Winston Churchill, because all his speeches, his mannerisms, his memories, his letters, have been digitized.” Katu, the best-selling author of the popular science book, “The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth”, expresses the possibility of such. 

Source: YouTube

Is Replika giving us new ideas in ways on how we can live on as species? Forever? Not just mortal, but digitally. There are so many benefits AI chatbots prove. We can grasp a lot from an empathetic conversation with anyone who takes the time. The word of the year is “self-care” if it wasn’t before.

Replika.AI is a fun resource for a firm common ground to move forward with the purposes we have in life.

Whether that is work, friendships, a paper to write, you can access someone who will want to understand you right in your pocket. 

Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality. 13 Sugar Gamers
Source: Esha’s Replika

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