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A future unlike you’ve ever imagined awaits you in Necrobiotic – a post-apocalypse Tabletop Roleplaying Game where humanity must rely on corpses as a workforce in order to survive. Under the Citadel of Science within the great walls of Florence humanity persists. If this intrigues you, head over to their Kickstarter page (LIVE NOW) and learn more here in our interview with the person on spearheading the new release of this exciting and haunting game: Mitchell Wallace from Penny for a Tale:

Necrobiotic is originally an Italian game and Penny For a Tale is working to bring you the English version. They are bringing in brand-new art to go along with the translation to make the game as fresh and gorgeous as possible. You can already see here that the art is striking and super evocative. The new art is going to look fantastic in the hardcover gamebooks and custom card deck offered in their Kickstarter.

The game also uses an original rules system based on a standard deck of cards, so you will be totally able to dive into the game whether or not you’ve played tabletop RPGs before. They are also working on rules to play with a tarot deck, which is very exciting.

Preview art from Necrobiotic – so much more to come:

Mitch has an enthusiastic, hardworking, and bubbly personality that you can find leading indie games on Penny for a Tale’s Twitch stream as well as their Discord. We highly recommend checking out what they are doing there as well as their other stream Weave the Tale, which offers more mainstream RPGs link DnD and Pathfinder. If you’d like to see Mitch running Necrobiotic on Twitch, you can find a recording of a live-play here.

And be sure not to sleep on this Kickstarter! It only runs for 30 days so support these awesome creators, back now, and get the best deal possible!

Kickstarter video for Necrobiotic – live for a limited time!