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Is there ever a time you sit and ask yourself something so close to your soul, the sound of the words gives you goosebumps?

Am I still passionate?” Well, are you?

That clear, structured question grows into its own tree branch from a solid stump rooted down into the ground. So, why does it feel like we are failing if we do so? We are just solely curious about ourselves at that moment in time, and it’s perfectly fine to have a goal in sight.

Ahead of the pandemic, the Sugar Gamers team was traveling everywhere across the globe, working and attending all the many techs and gaming events big and small. The feeling of being submerged in your passion is a privilege, and that’s what we had. It forced us to network even harder, research those topics a bit broader, give that reciprocation of that power handshake a reason to invest in what you love.


Sounds pretty perfect, right?

To stand tall as a creative can have its hardships, but that doesn’t mean the dream is gone. We don’t have to be 100% on all the time every day all day. We might think we need to give the tip-toed version of society’s standards, of course, but also because things are moving inside The Matrix. That’s where we live. Right inside the digital. It’s natural to feel FOMO within not putting your time management in order. We can blame the sun, the moon, and all the stars combined like our character on Sailor Moon, but that’s not the case here.

We have to be accountable for our own success, and how we handle personal mental health in our own time.

Maybe we were just spoiled and had it easier when we were brushing arms next to some colorful dispositions in this industry. Even the ones that just wanted to hang out and make us laugh, it all mattered. Community matters, that’s never going to get lost. But we are only human. Sometimes, things are just hard.

Not all of us can be a natural CGI members of society with limited air to breathe.

Dear Creatives, It's Time To Ask Yourself, "Am I Still Passionate?" 5 Sugar Gamers
Source: Lil Miquela Instagram

This is real life and it’s OK to ask deep questions about your future. Even when you feel you have it all and know it all. We don’t. And that’s the beauty of it. Why? Growth.

The difference is, we need to take into account or even laminate onto our forehead that we deserve time to think, to question, to wonder.

Esha Todd, the Content Strategist for Sugar Gamers found herself in more virtual worlds than she could count speaking to all sorts of personalities about the future.

Dear Creatives, It's Time To Ask Yourself, "Am I Still Passionate?" 7 Sugar Gamers
Source: Esha Todd | Facebook HQ in Hyderabad, India

About how technology is going to set us forward whether that’s through entertainment, education, fashion, or more. Since the pandemic, she hasn’t put on a headset in over a year. Those powerful conversations that felt like in-person algorithms created a certain pattern of comfort. As a creative, you feed off of all of that.

So what do you do when, that is, gone?

The pandemic has shifted every single person into the digital world whether they were ready, liked it or not. There are no indoor conventions right now where we can walk from booth to booth looking at prototypes and products that will shape a smart home or a 3D printer that folds clothes. I mean, why not? Now we have to hunt for it like we’re playing inside Second Life.

But is there a hidden rule that says if you don’t fill your glass up half full when it comes to fulfilling your passions, like a love-hate relationship, that’s it? The deal is done? Or are we allowed a break to pause, to appreciate, to succeed?

We felt tough in a way, and maybe it’s time the obvious questions have to get asked out loud for most of us to sit and ponder. Sure, growing up with technology from toys to gaming consoles, to PCs that gave us the glorious AOL people chat, to augmented reality, this industry is forever growing.

Dear Creatives, It's Time To Ask Yourself, "Am I Still Passionate?" 9 Sugar Gamers
Source: Keisha Howard | Project Violacea

With that being said, doesn’t It makes sense in order for us to grow we should be giving ourselves a monthly software update.

Set onto a new career path, or stick to the same, but elevate. Take that writing class, we know someone’s been wanting to understand how to make a 3D animation, and maybe it’s time to meditate and come back to it.

So the next time you are feeling some type of way and that energy is turning into non-executed projects, just ask yourself, “Am I still passionate?” and see how far that tree branch will grow.