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We Are Sugar Gamers

Founded as a community for female gamers, Sugar Gamers has evolved into a diverse group of trendsetters and aficionados within the worlds of technology, gaming, and the arts. Sugar Gamers was founded in 2009 when Keisha Howard went on a quest to find other women with geeky interests and ideas similar to her own. After developing a community for gals like her, Keisha found that Sugar Gamers appealed to underrepresented geeks and gamers from all walks of life. Though our community isn’t one of hardcore pro-gamers, we have been recognized by prestigious companies such as Twin Galaxies, HTC, and more, and have received awards for our innovations and positive contributions to the gaming and technology communities. The approach that Sugar Gamers takes to this industry sets us worlds apart from our peers. More importantly, we value real-life interactions just as much as our online community. We create content and experiences that make the fun and fast-paced world of geek culture come alive through our group of remarkable and unique individuals.

Our Community

Community is the reason Sugar Gamers was born! Our founders started Sugar Gamers through looking for people who shared a love for gaming and tech that she could identify with. Since, we have cultivated a community that is diverse in every sense. All of our content is created with our community in mind.

Who We Are

We are enthusiasts, makers and professionals,  brought together by our love for games and the latest tech innovations

What We Do

Our organization connects brands with diverse consumers who are always eager for content & products that are relevant to geek culture

Why It Matters

Contemporary culture is finally catching up with geek culture. We’re ahead of the curve, bridging the gap between what’s new & what’s next

We cant progress the movement without you.

Our Team

Sugar Gamers is dedicated to putting a focus on new and diverse voices in gaming and tech. This is a sentiment we wanted to be reflected in our staff.  Our team is comprised of innovative and exciting personalities from all walks of life aimed at progressing the mission and making the community heard.

Keisha Howard-Geek of all trades

Keisha Howard


Jenn Nicole-The Chic Geek_700x565

Jennifer Tonge


Katrina Jefferson_Public Relations

Katrina Jefferson

PR & Sponsorships

Esha Todd

Esha Todd

Content Strategist

Nikki Lynette - Creative DIrector, performer, producer, writer, and visual artist whose style is equal parts hip hop, alternative, and pop.

Nikki Lynette

Creative Director & Producer

Zara Espinoza - The New Wonder Woman

Zara E

Diversity and Inclusion

Nina Henderson

Nina Henderson

Community Manager

Colin Kyle

Colin Wrong

RPG Designer and Scientist

Chris McClure -Stunt Performer/Actor at SAG-AFTRA Creater/Owner at Booyaah The Game

Chris ‘Jinx’ McClure

Stunt Performer and Actor

kyle Barboni- Prop maker and Special Events Correspondent

Kyle Barboni

Props Designer


Rebecca Rothschild


With over 16 years as a professional makeup artist, Kat DeJesus’ experience has taught her that within this art lies the science of professionally applied makeup.

Kat DeJesus

Makeup, Beauty & Special Effects

Join our team.