Author: Jennifer Tonge

A "Jane -of-all-Trades", Jennifer is a Thought Partner, Business Process & Operations Strategy Consultant, Crypto Enthusiast and Self Taught Investor, Visual Branding and Aesthetics Consultant, and owner of online boutique, Follow her adventures on Instagram @jennicole1.

The model pictured above has over 151,000 followers on Instagram. She’s been featured in high fashion publications like Vogue and Cosmopolitan, she’s modeled for upscale brands like Balmain and Tiffany and high end make-up lines like Pat McGrath. She’s a girl who seems to have it all. Despite her entrancing beauty, the lovely woman you see above is digital. Meaning, she’s not real. Her name is Shudu, and she has been called “the world’s first digital supermodel.” The obsessive fawning over her life-like features suggests she won’t be the last. She arrives at a time when Instagram, Snapchat filters, and…

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