Kyle Barboni

Prop Designer and Special Events Correspondent

Kyle travels to events across the country and reporting his findings as an exclusive contributor to When he’s not being a super reporter, he works to produce the hyper-realistic props for progressive side projects, like Project Violecia.

Kyle constantly looks to see just how far he can go with his work, continuing to produce pieces that clearly show how he can shape himself as an evolving artist.
Kyle is a self-taught artist, currently working through his own private studio. With interests in “Cyberpunk” designs, and “Futuristic” aesthetics he constantly works to improve and fine tune his creative hand. Kyle’s passion takes control when he transfers his daily emotions and thoughts into his work. Art has always been a release for Kyle, providing the perfect source of inspiration for his work. Currently, he is working on several extended projects, such as “Dystopian” inspired masks, modified replica guns and 3D landscape skulls.