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I was an abused child. The daughter of a woman grappling with serious mental illness, and of a man who succumbed to the opioid epidemic. Raised in comparative poverty, I am an American descendant of slaves. After living in foster care for years, eventually my beloved grandmother took guardianship of me, but I was never formally adopted. And so, I remained a ward of the state, navigating a life marked by vulnerability and discomfort.

YO! How the F*&% did we miss this?!?

Yet another step towards innovation for Rihanna? Yep, pretty much. Riot Games and Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand of the pop star turned mogul, are joining forces to celebrate the launch of Riot’s very first TV series, Arcane, which landed on Netflix this weekend. And guess what? The animated series is set in Runeterra, the world of League of Legends.