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A Virtual Production Platform to Capture Live Content

Capture live content and convert it into live computer generated images (CGI) for distribution to all connected devices.

The Uses of Live CGI Technology

News – Rapid live updates and immersive highlights
Marketing – Customize your message for social streaming
Sports – Live analysis of athletes, statistics and events
Esports – Live highlight show and live streaming room
Educational – Beam the teacher to your location, live

The Live CGI Virtual Newsroom

Supporting multiple custom avatars for live interviews, news reads, interactives and highlights, the ultra-portable Live CGI newsroom comes with modular virtual monitors, feeding live sources into the experience. Produce your live show for VR, AR, Mobile or Broadcast, and with chromakey output you can even integrate with legacy operations.

Custom Solutions for Live Augmented Reality

Go beyond publishing a static AR Scene. Collect real-time data to measure engagement so that your event can react and interact on TV, Desktop, Mobile, AR and VR. Augment your stream with real-time visual effects, and stimulate second-by-second activities like betting.

Unlock New Marketing and Revenue Streams

  • Access over one billion augmented reality devices already in consumers hands
  • Enhance your content with live interactions
  • Add real-time engagement from betting to insider access