LiveCGI is a technology company comprised of awesome individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating new experiences through technology. This virtual production platform captures live content and convert it into live computer generated images (CGI) for distribution to all connected devices.

Capture Live

LiveCGI uses cameras and sensors to track real activity (similar to existing event procedures).

Control Live

The Production Toolkit fits how producers and directors call the event from the control room.

Stream Live

LiveCGI renders and streams fast enough to fit into your holistic broadcast strategy.

Experience Live

LiveCGI reaches the billions of the most popular smart phones and tablets.

Uses of LiveCGI Technology

News – Rapid live updates and immersive highlights
Marketing – Customize your message for social streaming
Sports – Live analysis of athletes, statistics and events
Esports – Live highlight show and live streaming room
Educational – Beam the teacher to your location, live

  • @myapocalypticplayground came to Chicago office to work his #digitaldesign magic with @august.wasilowski and @sugargamer - super excited about the next project we are working on! Stay tuned!

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  • repost from @studiorxproductions

Getting some hands on time in the motion capture rig. Thanks to @livecgi for coming by today to show off their awesome real-time AR platform. 
#motioncapture #virtualproduction #augmentedreality #virtualreality
  • The team got to demo #livecgi software and talk #videogames at @machinima #warnerbros- but before we did, we fell in love with the porcelain lobby dog! Big thanks to Vanessa Pfeiffer and @hllywdhoosier for having us!
  • It's only natural that our team is comprised of #Videogame enthusiasts - after all- the best #cgigraphics are usually demonstrated with video game engines like Unity and Unreal! Tonight we took a small break to see the latest and greatest at @thegameawards 
We are looking forward to bringing #AugmentedReality #livecgi to the forefront!
#thegameawards #cgianimation
  • Talking about the important things in life like #spongebob , #jojosiwa and #videogames at @nickelodeon with Garrett Morhring! 
#livecgi #cgianimation #techstartup #AugmentedReality
  • To end off a super productive day in LA, we got to try the most delectable food made with love at @2centsla - they know what they are doing! Hats off to @thechefalisa
#foodies #soulfood #foodlover
  • The team had an awesome time chatting about comedy and tech with @chrisprynoski and @thomasblacha of @titmouseinc - looking forward to some awesome experiments! 
#liveCGI #cgianimation #techstartup
  • The team hung out at @igndotcom to talk tech and kick it with the #Predator - Big thanks to @neetasreekanth for having us!  #livecgi #contentcreation #techstartup


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