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Sugar Gamers has been an advocate for underrepresented demographics in the video gaming and geek community since its inception in 2009. Our membership roster is diverse, with each Sugar Gamer possessing a variety of skills and contacts, but all share one thing in common—a passion for geek culture. While hosting events designed to encourage positive participation of women, Sugar Gamers also works to combat sexism, misogyny, and homophobia within this community. Sugar Gamers’ inclusive attitude has made it the largest organization of its kind in the Midwest.

Sugar Gamers is now taking it’s stance on inclusion in geek culture to the next level with #ProjectViolacea, an open-source multimedia experience that allows writers, illustrators, game coders, and cosplayers to take part in this creation shared by all.

The approach to content creation in #ProjectViolacea is unique. Taking cues from software development firms producing open-source programs that allow users to improve upon a company’s initial offerings, Sugar Gamers has created a transmedia platform allowing users to artistically interact with the source code/core concept. This crowdsourcing iteration is part of their nationwide #CreateNotComplain Campaign. Rather than complain about the underrepresentation of women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQA+ community in geek culture, Sugar Gamers has produced a creative platform that allows users to create their own stories within the larger world, designing characters that they identify with and creating stories that can potentially effect the main #ProjectViolacea story line.

#ProjectViolacea’s first iteration will be a web comic, serving as an instruction booklet in narrative form. Users will learn about the world, the characters that inhabit it, the rules of the world, and receive basic “thought tools.” They can then continue to follow the core story line in the #ProjectViolacea web comic series, or can create their own characters and spin-off material by submitting it through this website.

Users will vote on content in “story competitions” and the material with the highest votes becomes a part of #ProjectViolacea canon, appearing in other iterations of the property—video games, television, animation, etc.

#ProjectViolacea is an ever-mutating idea. It is the hope of Sugar Gamers that gamers, comic nerds, and cosplayers will help the property evolve and change into something that fits everyone’s needs.

The Story So Far . . .

In a dystopian future ruled by the MOX Hierarchy,  a group of hackers-turned-rebels are waging a war against the oppressive regime. MOX maintains it’s grip on society by controlling the dissemination of knowledge and innovation. They target those who could inspire revolution or empower people through education. Information repositories (libraries, schools, laboratories, and universities) are heavily scrutinized and controlled. MOX subjects it’s citizens to harsh brainwashing and experimentation. Soldiers are injected with biochemical cocktails of synthetic nootropic drugs and steroids that vastly enhance the capabilities of humans. Once inoculated, these soldiers transform into unstoppable killing machines obedient to the MOX regime.

But in spite of these dire circumstances, there is hope. There is an secret underground uprising. A group of fugitive scientists and philosophers have developed an implant called Violacea that also enhances human abilities—but in unexpected and volatile ways. With the help of the thinkers of tomorrow, the teachers of today are creating their own army. The war for the future of human civilization is upon us. Which side will you take?

Individuals like you or I can stand before MOX. The rebellion is small, and we here at Sugar Gamers want you to be a part of it.

Create a cause, invent your story of triumph. We encourage you to design your own identity, good, evil, or anywhere in between. In “The Violacea Project,” all are welcome. Now the fate of humanity rests with you.


Q has been part of the rebellion since it’s early days. Years ago, she tried to take matters into her own hands after dealing with the relentless oppression and heartache of seeing her loved ones murdered or mysteriously disappear. A lone wolf, she attempted to infiltrate the MOX Hierarchy only to almost end up dead herself.
She was saved by a scientist of the rebellion and was one of the first to be implanted with Violacea. It was then she learned she could not do this alone. Though exceptionally detached, still understands the power of teamwork and utilizing people’s strengths. This makes her a natural leader within the factions of the rebellion.
Though known by most of the rebels, her past in still mostly shrouded in mystery
She lost consciousness while her parents were being abducted by the government and developed amnesia in the process. This little rouge became known as the queen of thieves in the area, recruited by the team due to her expertise. She is very untrusting, and always questions the teams’ intentions.  Would often wander off doing her own thing, leaving for hours or days at a time. She is very hard to get a hold of. Funny thing is when she gets back from her escapades, she always comes back with gifts for everybody.

Name: Nyx (Goddess of Night) Astraea (Goddess of Stars)
Character Class: Sudo
Height, Age: 5’0ft., 25 years old

– She makes the perfect Sudo, with cat-like reflexes and intense speed.
– Extremely skilled in stealing vehicles, which in turn learned the ability to navigate any form of transportation.
– Very McGyver-ish and can make weapons out of anything she can put her hands into.
– Can pick any kind of lock and hack into systems, stealing vital information.

(The name Ioke means “IOKE was the female personification of onslaught, battle-tumult, pursuit and rout. She was one of the daimones (spirits) of the aigis, the tasselled arm-guard of Zeus.”)

Ioke was born into the Mox Empire. She was the child of 2 Scientists that helped build weapons for the Mox. Her parents really thought that control of science was the best way to protect civilization and well as the most important way to protect their only daughter. Till one day they found out that some new biochemical weapons were going to be used on regular civilians in order to flush out the rebels. Her parents refused to help and makes mass amounts of the bio weapon. So the Mox hierarchy decided the scientist family was no longer needed and decided to kill Ioke’s family. Lucky for her….her parents caught wind of the situation and were able to get the young Ioke to safety with a traveler friend that transported supplies to the city. They stayed behind to fight and keep Ioke’s whereabouts hidden. As far as the Mox is concerned Ioke is dead.

She grew up on the road with the traveler and in every town she picked up all fighting techniques and defensive moves she could learn. Just as her parents before her she was a natural at constructing weaponry from scraps she picked up along the way. With every inch she grew her desire for revenge against the Mox empire grew. The traveler realized that she was becoming a very dangerous person to hide and begged for her to take off on her own to protect his own livelihood and sent her off with a few coin and a blade he picked up in his travels. The blade was said to have the ability to stop heart beats…..but as far as he was concerned it was an old wive’s tale so he didnt mind parting ways with it. So Ioke and her blade took off to learn and strengthen herself into the perfect weapon.

Along the way…..the young hot headed girl got herself into a fight that was way out of her league……..but lucky for her the Fearless leader of the rebels Q was around to save her. It was then that Ioke swore her loyalty and trusted blade to the protection of Q and the rebels for saving her life. Now she is the weapons specialist for the Rebels………and is still trying to find a way to unlock the power of the psy blade given to her by the traveler that protected her for so many years.

Initially a member of the Mox Hierarchy, Raki worked as a spy to surveillance any talk of developing rebellions or word of an alliance. She excels in both stealth and agility—so much that even Mox officials can not detect her. She goes unnoticed by concealing herself in cracks,crevices, and shadows. In addition to her strong ninjitsu background, Her swift freerun/parkour style enables her to leap across multiple buildings, and escape effortlessly when being persued. Her weapon of choice are twin tanto swords that she wields on her back. Ironically her spunky attitude is rather unorthodox for a ninja. But whatever trouble her loud mouth gets her into, her silent footsteps can quickly get her out of.

She has since been banished, and is now a fugitive after officials discovered Raki had also been collecting highly sensitive information without consent. With nowhere left to turn, she makes the decision to join the rebellion.

Agent Name: Roxie Monoxide
Skill/Mutation/Power: Tank/Berserker
Strengths: STRENGTH, quirky sense of humor, loyalty, smart (sometimes)
Weaknesses: Loyal to a fault, quick to temper/unpredictable personality, dumb (sometimes)
Likes: Sandwiches, her pet isopod Ira, her teammates in the rebellion, old cartoons, cracking skulls, women AND men
Dislikes: Having to make choices–can’t she just have it all?; traitors to the cause, gender rolls (pizza roles are better!)

As a queer punk pastel goth, Roxie never did like the patriarchy. So when the collective asked her to help literally smash the patriarchy, she didn’t hesitate to sign up–despite all the consequences. Roxie was pretty smart but impulsive before her implant, but now. . .well, it’s a mixed bag. The drug’s side effects have caused unpredictability in her intelligence levels at any given moment, meaning she’s just as likely to read Shakespeare as go on a rant about the inferiority of ketchup as a condiment (I mean, c’mon, it’s pretty much just sugar and tomatoes. Mostly sugar). She’s also more prone to mood swings now, cracking jokes one moment and skulls the next.

Roxie could already hold her own in a fight before she joined up and took the drug, but now she can barrell into a battle full-force and take unbelievable amounts of damage–while dolling out the same, of course; some even speculate that she may now be immortal. Overall, Roxie is generally genial, but if you mess with her, be prepared to deal with a whole lot of pain!

Alice ‘s dad was a professor specialize in quantum physics and her mom was a musician . Her parents were assassinated when she was 12.
She witnessed this tragic event while hiding from sight which left her traumatized. Due to shock, she suffers from amnesia and at times displays symptoms of Dissociative identity disorder where she goes from a childlike euphoria to cold, calculating, and apathetic. The latter identity seems to present itself when under the threat of violence. As a teen, barely surviving, Alice as adopted and trained by Violancia ‘s inventor. Though she suffers from some mental distortions, she is an exceptional scientist. She learns subject matter at incredibly speeds after only being exposed for a brief period of time. She is a master hacker, skilled with blades and when utilizing Violacea has incomprehensible sentient abilities.

Name: Elric
Gender: Male
Age: 24yrs
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150lbs

Eyes: Blue / Silver (When implanted with Violacea)

Weapon: Guns that are coded to his “Violacea DNA”.

Ability: To genetically connect to his weapon.

Occupation: Weapons Mechanic For The Rebellion.

Background Story: Elrics father was a mechanical engineer for the government. After MOX swore its oath into office, Elric’s father was one of the enlisted of value. Elric being an only child was forced underground, where he then joined forces with the Rebellion. Spending his days beneath the surface Elric learned to reconstruct and enhance whatever rubbish the Rebellion to could find, soon becoming one of their top assests against the MOX heiarchy. As the Violacea Project reached its final stages, so did its need for volunteers to implant. With his strong will and bravery at heart, Elric was assigned to the project as one of its combat ready participants.

Vigilanty Mission: To locate his father, and return him to the districts below the surface.

Arke [Dispatcher] (Rebellion) NPC –

Chairbound with complete paraplegia after a Blazing accident early on in the development of the Violocea Serum, Arke is the communications hub of the Resistance, providing instructions, maps, locations, and targets for the Actives. She is present as a voice during missions, and is available to be spoken with at the Resistance Base between missions. She is skilled with both guns and throwing knives, but prefers the latter as they are more easily concealable. Her identical twin sister Iris runs communications for the MOX Hierarchy, although she keeps that fact well hidden.

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