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What happens when you bring together gamers, creatives and geeks from all walks of life? Innovation!

The core members of our squad unite our skills to help raises awareness for causes, brands, and products that are relevant to our peers. We’ve had some awesome successes with our on ventures as well as with folks who’ve partnered up with us to help bring their vision to life.

Project Violacea

Project Violacea is an open-source multimedia experience that allows writers, illustrators, game designers, and cosplayers to take part in this creation shared by all.

Tacheon League

Don’t just watch the arena from flat video feeds, interact with the players, arena and experience the action from any perspective you want on the live XR playing field.

Live CGI

A virtual production platform to capture live content and convert it into live computer generated images (CGI) for distribution to all connected devices.

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